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Sorry these are Magnum Lite V3 made from brand new 325is.
Hey everyone... I'm gonna sell my V3 Magnums, how much do you think is a fair price? Used but are in excellent condition. Hoping for a quick sale.
### Price drop to $600 + shipping   Will ship via standard UPS unless buyer requests differently.   Will consider shipping internationally.   These are in great condition, bought over 1.5 years ago. I am the original owner. The cable is relatively new. It will come with the Otterbox. Please do your research, these are custom headphones that you will need to get remolded. Technically the drivers are perfect.
Priced to sell. Comes with Otter Box. You'll have to get them remolded to your ears. 
Pics attached. Had for about a year, lightly used during that time. It was probably my least favorite headphone so I didn't listen to it much. Selling now. It's in great condition.   Cash only local pick up Seattle only, this is priced to sell.
Hm... the driver came out on my V3 the other day so I kind of shoved it back in... now I can hear a bit of a rattle every now and again. How do I get the driver back out so I can reinsert properly?
Bump, transaction fell through, now back up for sale!
Yes. I have something currently pending but if it falls through I will let you know.
I broke these by sitting on them. Sound comes out by they need repair. Selling in Seattle. $100.   [Creating this for historical reasons. I already sold this a long time ago to a head-fi member]
Selling my Smeggy Thunderpants for $425 + Shipping. Pics attached. Owned for a while but hardly used. Got it for work and it ended up just sitting there most of the time. There's some small blemishes and dings on the cups, mostly on the edges. Local pickup welcome too, I'm in Seattle.   PM me!   edit: Opened up to everyone (in America), not just local.
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