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Selling USB Pico DAC from Headamp. Upsampling DAC, amazing quality, great performance.   Has some cosmetic issues, scuffs, and some white stuck on thing on the side. Otherwise works perfectly.   Comes with USB cable. Selling for $115 shipped to US48. Priced to sell!
Huge price drop to 245 + shipping. Half off the original value for a high quality piece of equipment! Selling my Sheer Audio HA-006++ Special Edition amp. The amp is set to 1x gain, perfect for IEMs and other sensitive headphones as well. This amp is a Dynalo, and was built with premium parts from Sheer Audio, hence the 006++ Special Edition name. It's comparable to something like a Headamp GS-1. The pot is a stepped attenuator (21 steps I believe). The first 6 steps and...
Selling used Etymotic ER-4P for $125 shipped to US48.   Found these awesome in ears amongst my unused audio collection, figured I'd put it up for sale. The foam tips degraded so I discarded them, but the silicone (?) tips are in good shape, only one pair of them looks much used. Comes with the cleaning tool and original box as well! See pictures, there are some scuff and scratch on box. I don't have the P->S converter anymore, no idea where that went.   Selling for a...
Selling my Sheer Audio HA-006+ Dynalo Amp for $150 $225 shipped to US48. Unfortunately does NOT have power cord with it, I can't seem to find it anywhere. However I know the power cord is standard and would not be hard to find (if buyer wants I could research the proper cord to buy). edit: Found a $5.50 cord that would work well: amazon link   This is the HA-006+, not the HA-006++. The volume pot is not stepped, but is still good. This is the famous Dynalo design, like...
And just like that... Sold!     Selling my pair of Symphones Magnum V3 that Rhydon made for me, built from a brand new 325is. Also selling the old 325is drivers, so buyer can convert it back to a 325is if they so should please. Comes with original box as well.   Condition is average, one side of the cord has gotten a bit of twist and the ear cup foam is dusty, see pics. I did do a cleaning soak on the ear cups but they still could probably benefit from being replaced,...
Sorry these are Magnum Lite V3 made from brand new 325is.
Hey everyone... I'm gonna sell my V3 Magnums, how much do you think is a fair price? Used but are in excellent condition. Hoping for a quick sale.
### Price drop to $600 + shipping   Will ship via standard UPS unless buyer requests differently.   Will consider shipping internationally.   These are in great condition, bought over 1.5 years ago. I am the original owner. The cable is relatively new. It will come with the Otterbox. Please do your research, these are custom headphones that you will need to get remolded. Technically the drivers are perfect.
Priced to sell. Comes with Otter Box. You'll have to get them remolded to your ears. 
Pics attached. Had for about a year, lightly used during that time. It was probably my least favorite headphone so I didn't listen to it much. Selling now. It's in great condition.   Cash only local pick up Seattle only, this is priced to sell.
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