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Posts by HeadLover Brand new, almost never been used, selling it for a low price.
I am from Israel Selling a Benchmark DAC1 PRE. A great DAC, almost new, like 1-2 years old, info can be found here (, ,mine is the pre version that doesn't have the remote) Willing to sell it for a very nice and low price. (it cost like 1500$ or more for a brand new when bought it) Great shape, willing to add a nice 50$ worth of USB cable too.
BTW DSD is a must, and so is 24/192 and so on I want something to do all hi-res music I have, and do it right
All of those DACS do DSD and that is a MUST for me 1) Benchmark DAC2 ( (1700-2000$) - the cheapest here, the only issue is that doesn't support DSD128 2) W4S DAC-2 DSDse ( - $2,499 3) AURALiC Vega ($ 3499) - > high priced So, what do you say? anyone heard all of them and can give me some comments about them ??
And how was it compared with others? also, how good and easy was it to use with Windows and foobar2000 with DSD and such?
And also this one (price yet to be known)
I have created a list But, if you have any other that I haven't put here - love to know Anyway, what do you think from the list or not, is the BEST DAC today with DSD for up to 3500$ ?? I want audiophile level, something truly amazing that can do DSD and hi...
I have the Halide Design DAC HD, is the Streamer HD is a worth upgrade? Or do you have other USB only DAC worth the buy? something really "amazing" that worth the money and won't cost more than 1000$ ? (For a usb only DAC)
So, if I want a DAC only, with the BEST audio world class for this price, and with a USB (with high rate, means at least 24/96 input), what will be the best for me? I am listening mostly to classic music, rock, and some vocal and acoustic music.  
What is the DAC19DSPand does it include amp? also I prefer one with a good usb that can get 24/96 or even better - and yes a single ended will be what I want.
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