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Yes, it's custom. I bought a CAAD10-5, stripped the 105 parts and put it on my old CAAD8 frame and sold that to a friend of a friend. The SRAM parts and HollowgramSL cranks are a mix of stuff I had on my CAAD8 and some newly purchased upgrades.   Complete build:   50cm CAAD10 Bars: PRO PLT Compact 42cm Tape: Fizik Microtex Stem: 3T ARX Pro 110mm (Ti bolts) Seatpost: 3T Dorico Team (cut to 250mm) Saddle: Specialized Romin Expert Cranks: Cannondale...
If you want to see beautiful welds, go check out the Tumblr feed for Firefly bicycles:   One example:
Really short inseam compared to torso/arm length?
This is my regular set up.  
  Of course the day I bring out deep wheels, we get nothing but head/cross wind. I'm a small guy (5'7" and ~130lb, give or take a few on either end) and I didn't get blown around, but it definitely took more physical and mental effort to track a straight line. They also took more effort to spin up than I'm used to with my shallow Shimano C24s.   Conclusion: 56mm wheels are too deep for me and my style of riding. I'd probably be happier with a 35-45mm wheelset like the...
Got to try some deep carbon on this morning's shop ride:     [
I have a Tissot PR50 chrono that's my daily beater watch, but the leather strap is getting destroyed by my sweat. I've tried looking for a 19mm synthetic band, but haven't had much luck. I'd be fine with a silicone/rubber band with a deployant clasp or even something like the kevlar patterned band above, but nobody seems to make them in 19mm.   Any help sourcing one would be appreciated.
^^ Correct. True Oxfords can come in plain or capped toe, but the distinguishing feature is the closed lacing:    
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