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Thank you 4sharing. Disabling those unused app will definitely help... At least on battery run time.
Hi Steven, In you review you have mentioned that you have optimized the OS of NW-ZX2. Can you share on what are they?   http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0315/Astell_Kern_AK240_Vs_Sony_NW_ZX2_Walkman_Review.htm
 As long as it does not have strength issue like my Unique Melody.I'm totally fine with it. Since when its in your ears nothing else matter. (besides bad fit)
Easy calculation is output impedance x8So. Yes 3ohm is way too high
dammit still havn't got mine yet. JH work faster
meanwhile at our local headphone shop  
just changing tips on an universal iem varies sounds so much.   from my experience the same principles applies here fits greatly effects sound quality. It is why we throw so much money on a pair of CIEM in the first place.
Me too wooohooo
Soooooo its 21st now. Has any one got the good stuff in their mail box yet
 Opps I mean Noble Audio.Sorry for my obsolete infos... lol
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