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 Same here been using paypal for years never use this function.Happen to me both the long wait time, no updates and the assurance email. guess everything have to have their first time. My order went in even before the blackfriday.  Mine are only plugs and a hypershort adaptor. no cable.
Has anyone be able to contact with Trevor lately (Nov-Dec period)? I have been chasing him for my order that still have not been ship since 18Nov. Seems that he ignored my emails that I sent to and for order chasing and shipment.   I may need to paypal buyer protection this while I can... are there anyone have the same experience?
 You gotta catch'em all  X00 X00EB X00PH EMU-TEAK TH600 TH610 TH900 preferably Denons D2000 D5000 and D7000 :P
 I think I'm aftering the same thing as you are, moreeee rumble moarrrr subbassss. I guess the next logical upgrade would be TH900 (or Audeze LCDs) and not to be distracted by the X00 variants which only differ by a little bit between them.
Is the bass in purpleheart noticeably stronger/better/more fun than mahogany like the frequency measurements graph shown?
How big of a different between mahogany and purpleheart? With purpleheart is currently being drop at massdrop is it worth getting another one? I currently have the mahogany and emu teak the difference between them are not that big imho.
Jotunheim in position while I wait for my balanced cable to arrive.  
very nice.Thanks for quick one
Anyone know how many wires in the stock cable? Can I just simply re-terminate it to balance or do I need to run new cable.   Thanks
Thank you 4sharing. Disabling those unused app will definitely help... At least on battery run time.
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