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I feel like an idiot.  I was like "Oh yeah, triple fi 10 on black friday!" and forgot all about it when black friday came around.
lostpeter has 3 posts and he says he has made a comparison, i bet its one of those 3 posts?
They look like they would hurt if you accidentally had it slip off your head and it hit your neck
I don't see why they don't use carbon fiber.  It can be like a porsche situation - charge more for less.  Exotic woods are often more expensive than a carbon fiber shell, and carbon fiber is actually quite good in terms of its audio quality, most charts I have seen say it is better than wood in fact.   I've actually been debating making my own headphones (they would be a gimbal :( ) and using carbon fiber - cheaper and looks awesome.
I'm surprised nobody said MP sextetts.  Yes, it's nice to buy new cans but those things have a similar sound style to the hd600 and um3x imo.  They're just hard to drive is their downside
So, my re-262's had their cable go bad very shortly after purchasing them so I sent them back to hifi man.  They send me a new pair, but this pair came unbalanced and with a less flexible, MUCH longer cable.  I contacted them and they said they only have one version of cable, which is obviously not true.  And, it could very well be all in my head, but they might even sound different.  But, here's the other kicker: I can't get very good fitment unless I wear them...
I found the re-zero to be REALLY good for gaming.  Better than any grado i used, dt770, sextetts, or any other IEM.  For your budget they are perfect   edit: well, not any iem.  They're about the same as my re-262 in terms of gaming except the 262's have a mild hand up on the re-zeros
If one wanted that, why not get a bass monster IEM instead?
PM'd.  Can send money today
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