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Ok, so I got the epoxy. Basically I'm trying to do the KSC 75 headband mod myself, except the nuts of the headbands I'm using are too "wide" at the center. The earpieces keep falling out because it lacks the narrower choke that's needed to snap them in. Can epoxy create a padding of non-negligible thickness that bridges the small space between the two components?
Which type of glue is appropriate for fixing plastic earcups to plastic headbands?   I want tractable glue, not the type that spills all over. (because we are dealing with small sized nooks and crannies here) Also the glue shouldn't become brittle and crack after a month.
Do you know if all cheap headphones in the sub10 dollar range will have these hinges inside the housing?
Which models (other than the one from PartsExpress) have headbands that can snap into the KSC75's socket?   Thanks.
Which one of their sub $100 portables (this includes in ears) is the least bass focused? I'm using the HD600 from Sennheiser, so that should give an idea of what I mean. I'm looking for something that emphasizes the mid-treble.
so how do the artists and recording engineers wear those HD280s and pleather akgs for long periods of time? Are their studios always air conditioned?
Do velour pads fare better with sweat than felt pads?
Double post.
I haven't been watching the headphone market right now. From what I can gather from a quick research, are the new line of Sennheiser headphones (598, 800 etc...) a departure from their trademark sound signature?   Another thing has to do with the comfort, the felt pads on the HD555 and 600 tend to absorb sweat and becomes uncomfortable after a while. Also, Sennheiser asks you to replace the pads every 2 years. What kind of headphones are the best in the sweat...
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