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I didn't notice the bass being that much better on the LCD 3 vs the LCD 2.  Then again I was so much more engaged with the music and enjoying it that I was simply listening and not analyzing.  The highs being much more natural and present just made them sound like a much more complete headphone to me.
Great minds and all that you know....   If I had seen the Amazon $8xx.xx deal on HD800s I would have been all over them!
That's great to hear.  I kinda wish I would have been on the lookout for HE500s during the holiday sales.  I've been scheming on the HD800s myself.   :)   I could go HD800 AND HE500s for the price of LCD3s.
The dealer didn't have any LCD-X to compare.  They should get some so that would be a good one to check out.  I know I really liked the LCD3 sound and if the X is 'almost' as good I'd rather spend the extra for the 3s.
Not having had a chance to hear the HE500 I have to try and understand others experience.  The LCD2 lacked air, sparkle and detail in the highs for me as well.  For myself it is a price issue between the HE500 and the LCD 3.  I could pick up HE500s now but I'd have to wait a bit for the LCD3s.  I did fall for the sound of the LCD3s though!
Thank you. For helping me spend my money that is.  :)
I also am not looking for harsh/bright treble.  I've heard some say the HE500 can be aggressive.  I did however enjoy the sound of the LCD3 much more than the LCD2.  It was more open, airy and involving.  I think much of this had to do with the treble presentation.     Maybe I'm talking myself into the LCD-3's.
I think I've been talking myself into the LCD-3.  I know I liked what I heard better than the LCD-2 and I hear the LCD-3 is still a step up from the HE500.
Thanks Tony.  I think you're probably spot on-the HE 500 is one of the best for the $$.  I wish I could manage a way to hear them.  I guess I could order and return them if they don't do it for me.
Thanks for the reply.   Do you find the treble to be recessed or darker than the HE500?  Is the HE500 fatiguing?  I preferred the treble of the LCD 3 over the 2 from my listening.   Thanks.
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