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Guys, have you tried this software?   MathAudio Headphone EQ Helps to detect and compensate for the unwanted resonances in high-end headphones and earphones. Matches headphones to the individual contours of the listener's pinna (outer ear) and inner ear canal. Includes a signal generator which allows the listener to detect the frequencies of the unwanted resonances caused by the mismatch between the headphone and the ear canal. Accurately tunes the compensating...
I like Meier Crossfeed Plugin as part of the RockBox firmware in my Sansa Clip, but when I listen at home using big headphones (Denon D2000), I still prefer Isone Pro with minimal settings (all the settings which can be turned off are turned off). It's the most transparent way to listen to music, for me.
Hello I would like to sell my DAC April Music Stello DA100.   I live in Russia and I would prefer to sell it within Russia, but I can also ship it worldwide if you pay for international shipping.   Russian buyers can read my ad here.   My price is $399 + shipping charges.   Here's some info about this...
 No, I use Foobar only.Has anybody tried this crossfeed plugin: http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=90761 
Prudik, Last time I compared the previous version (IsonePro), it was much better than the latest version of TB-Isone. Maybe this is where you problem lies.  Try IsonePro, not TB-Isone.
Hello! It's been a while since I had read this forum last time.   I want to ask you crossfeed addicts - have you recently come across anything better than IsonePro or Redline Monitor? Or, the situation with crossfeed plugins is still pretty much the same as it was 3-4 years ago and these two plugins are still the undisputed reigning kings of crossfeed sound?   Thanks!
It is possible to rip SACD and it's possible to convert DSD to PCM.
The best VST crossfeed plugins are Isone Pro, Redline Monitor and HeadFit. What are you discussing here?
It's very simple. This is how I listen to music in my portable player when I go out. Load your music files to Foobar2000 and convert them to any format your like with the processing function (DSP) activated:     The existing George Yohng's VST plugin settings will be applied during the conversion process (and other settings of the plugins which George Yohng points to - such as Console, etc). It means you must preconfigure George Yohng's plugin and Console, etc. first...
  You should install VAC and set it as your default audio device. Your player plays music and outputs it through VAC. LiveProfessor must be set up to take the input signal from VAT and send it to your audio card. LiveProfessor also acts as a VST host.   I used this combination at home successfully. Try it again. Persist!  
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