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 The best speakers are no speakers at all. The non-existence of speakers, not matter how perfect they might be, is my goal when I listen to music. This is my golden standard :)Headphones do add their coloring and this is bad enough. Why aggravate the matter with distorting the sound even further by adding the effects of speakers and room? If there is a technology letting us to get rid of the coloring of headphones (without significant side effects), I will welcome it.Yeah,...
 This "realistic simulation of listening to speakers in a room" does not sound good. Not everybody needs it. Maybe some audio engineers require it, but I doubt that audiophiles, looking for the pure enjoyment of music, need it. We use headphones to get rid of the effects of a room and to get rid of the imperfections of a speaker. To connect to music directly. It would be unwise to try to add these damaging effects again. For most listeners, the pure effect of a crossfeed...
 9 hours only? I've spent 9 years :)Seriously, I am a fan of crossfeed technologies and I tried many of them.  I liked Isone previously (the earlier version before it changed its name), but with minimum settings. But currently my favorite go-to crossfeed is Meier. I would say that Isone and Redline Monitor share the 2nd best place in my personal rating of crossfeed plugins.Meier can cause clipping though. So, you are advised to reduce the gain of the signal before it goes...
Quote: Don't spend any money for Isone. Just use Meier crossfeed, it's free and its crossfeed effect is of highest quality.
 Well, how can I help you? What sort of help or information do you need? Do you know how to install Foobar components/plugins?If you are interested in specific settings for Meier crossfeed plugin, there is only one slider from 0 to 100 (it I remember correctly), so try values anywhere from 15 to 20 for starters. Then you can adjust it to suit your taste.
 Just install the Meier Crossfeed ( http://www.foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_dsp_meiercf ) and use it. What is so difficult about it?
By the way, the crossfeed feature in the MathAudio Headphone EQ also sounds terrific. I just use it as as a crossfeed only. I don't set up any other filters (I get a headache when I try to set them up :) ) http://mathaudio.com/headphone-eq.htm
Meier Crossfeed as a Foobar component is nice, but it needs to have a gain change slider, because the crossfeed processing as it is now causes digital clipping, the signal becomes too "hot" (> 0 dB).
Guys, have you tried this software?   MathAudio Headphone EQ Helps to detect and compensate for the unwanted resonances in high-end headphones and earphones. Matches headphones to the individual contours of the listener's pinna (outer ear) and inner ear canal. Includes a signal generator which allows the listener to detect the frequencies of the unwanted resonances caused by the mismatch between the headphone and the ear canal. Accurately tunes the compensating...
I like Meier Crossfeed Plugin as part of the RockBox firmware in my Sansa Clip, but when I listen at home using big headphones (Denon D2000), I still prefer Isone Pro with minimal settings (all the settings which can be turned off are turned off). It's the most transparent way to listen to music, for me.
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