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Interesting I figured he6 would be great for rock/electronic but if you prefer for classical/ jazz also  that is quite an endorsement
 curious what genres do you listen to most of the time, can't be too much jazz/classical?
@dleblanc343 , Curious what tube amp you own that you prefer to your CMA800R.?
After 2 months of ownership the hd800 have really hit all the right buttons with me just sounding right, smooth and transparent with the resolution I always wanted. IME they don't sound bright, hard or sibilant whatsoever.   Im definitely done buying headphones (unless winning the lottery is in my future).   even on a mjolnir/gungnir (usb gen 2) where schiit stack is suppose to be close to end game I prefer hd800 over the lcd2.2 by a good margin.  I've been comparing...
very helpful obsevations.  I was very close to pulling the trigger on a X but decided to hold back for a bit to get more feedback as some of the intitial reviews were a bit too much over the top.  I see alot of others who are also echoing your findings. 
anyone got any very good results powering HD800 form a headphone jack of any integrated amp?   my integrated which I was using to power my 2 way speakers died,  so rather than looking at more dedicated headphones amps looking for a great integrated amp that can kill 2 birds with one stone if possible?  not sure when teh schiit ragnarok comes out but looking for something along those lines.
I just ordered the Gen 2 USB card myself just now, good to know..hope mine goes just as smooth..
im about to order the Gen2 usb board for my Gungnir, to those that swapped out is it fairly easy to do?
i'm chomping at the bit to get a proper amp something serious.  but i now have reason now to try to kill 2 birds with one stone as my integragted amp just died. I think I want to get something that can serve both purpose of serious headphone and speaker amp.   Im realy waiting now on this new Schiit Ragnarok coming out as its 100/w channel, i know the prototype is floating around at shows but wonder when it actually hits the markets.     Is there anything else...
last night listned to hd800 on the lafigaro 339 and a Gungnir dac for the first time.  (Prior to this was just using it with dragonfly on a laptop using Spotify to breakin)   It was really really good on classical everything you want it to be.   I listened to some jazz it was also really nice but on a old Miles davis album there wasn't much sounstage width actually it imaged dead center only.  It was the recording as other jazz the soundstage was wide/deep.  The hd800...
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