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what kind of setup do you have? for myself I've had the Utopia (and Elear) for a month and I love them!
 I have a Lavricable grand on order, waiting to receive it. but did look at both axios and danacable.pls keep posted on how you find the Lavricable Grand and Danacable vs the Axios.
Damn these forums are dangerous.. I came on kill a little time. just ended up putting an order through for a Lavri Grand Utopia cable!     it just looks so damn sexy!
nothing wrong with the M51.  But I did want to try different dac like a Schiit Yaggi.BUT that volume control on the M51 makes it so hard to replace unless you want to replace with 2 boxes, a dac and preamp.  Im trying to do opposite and consolidate to as few pieces as possible.
I been burning in my Elear and Utopia the last 2-3 week straight, not much time to listen.  today I had some time I feel the Elear is 60% the Utopia (if that!) it is for sure several notches better.   I got several hp's here like the LCD-x, HD800, and Elear.  I think Im going to start thinning the herd as Utopia can just do it all.   Im still not sure what electronics to run, I have a m51 and taurus mk2.  but these are so low maintenance I thinking I may try a DAP, or...
I feel you are right on the mark.  Currently owning both I feel the Elear was about 2/3 of what the Utopia is.  The Elear simply cannot do any of the micro dynamics that the Utopia has in spades.  The Elear is a really good and a fun headphone, but once after you hear the Utopia its game over. I read an online review on some site that where the reviewer said the Elear was 90% of the Elear for 1/4 of the cost, that guy needs to get his hearing checked!!
yep, obviously the higher the quality of your chain the better especially with something as transparent and resolving as the Utopia. but some folks act like listening to a 'lesser' quality once in a while can't be enjoyed, like its out of the question. and it should be a source of great shame and frowned upon.  I think that leads people to believe this is an elitist hobby for uppity folks full of people wound up too tight.   hell, If I song I love comes on I'll enjoy it...
signed up for Tidal Hifi today, UI isn't as bad as people were making it out to be in reviews.   Sound Quality is very good but what remains to be seen is if its as good as Spotify for discovering new music I like.
I own the Elear and Utopia, and wanted to speak on the build quality its really fantastic.  I think they look much better than my plasticy hd800 (though HD800 earpads are the greatest thing since sliced bread) or the enormous heavy LCDX   In comparison to the Focals, in recent years alot of makers have come out with monstrosities that look like they were built by a high school wood shop teacher, that weight 3 lbs, and have 84db that either need a 8w per channel hp amp or...
 Just signed up today for Tidal HiFi! I've been away from the game for a while so now next step. what to do with my dac?  I feel that maybe the Utopia is so easy to drive upgrading my amp (auralic taurus mk2) isn't gonna make that much difference.  I have a m51 dac.  I feel the Utopia is so transparent/resolving I can upgrade here and see some benefits.  Anyone have any ideas for a clear upgrade (not sideways)
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