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hi I have a BTG Audio Starlight removable IEM cable I haven't been using so decided to sell.  They are in great shape as they only had very light use.  They are selling for $105 currently, I'll sell for $SOLD shipped.  Price is firm and would like to sell within continental USA.   from BTG website: Compatible with Westone, UM, JH, and other CIEM headphones. Also compatible with reccessed sockets. This is BTG-Audio's line of sleeved cables specially ordered for CIEM...
April 5 update, 1 set of hifiman adapters is still available
I have 2 sets of Q cable adapters for Hifiman, and 1 set for Senn hd650.  Look perfect and work perfect (see pic). selling as I no longer have these headphones.   I will sell each set of hifiman for $SOLD shipped to continental USA.  (the pair in the middle is still available the pair on the right is SOLD)   I will sell the Senn hd650 for $SOLD shipped to continental USA.    PM if interested, Price is firm and not looking for offers, looking for sales in lower 48 so...
my super 7 just came in .. man these hd800 never cease to amaze me.  the super 7 is the cat's pajama's also.. everytime I listen to my 2 channel for extended periods I get ideas of selling the head-fi stuff but when I start  listen these again I still love them as much as I ever did. 
my super 7 is coming in at the end of the week, pretty excited.   going to try to mate this with my hd800 and lcd x.    I think the lcdx is more similar to the hd800 than the either the lcd2 or lcd3. I have some 6sn7 lying around from my other amps that I can mix and match, but want to start the search for the ideal set.   It would be great to find one tube set that works optimally with both anyone have any suggestions to share?
love the idea of getting an amp specifically designed for the hd800.   has anyone heard both Questyle and  a Sennheiser HDVA 600 ?  they are priced the same and both designed with the hd800 in mind..
just picked up m lcd x .  so far so good I cant comment much on the sound as I just got them an hour ago but out of box these are quite good.   I just love the looks on these in all black! while the my lcd2 look classic and retro, these seem so much more modern and contemporary in comparison. and while they seem heavier they actually feel more comfortable for some reason.  They feel quite nice and snug.
the anticipation is killing me, Im about an hour away from picking up my awaiting LCD X from the fedex store..I hope my experiences match everyone elses. I was researching and dead set on buying a uber hd800 amp which would of been ~$2000 give or take a couple of hundred but I've have held off. Now that I have the the LCD X I want to see how they hold up with some of things that I already have.  I really hope results are favorable so I can save some $$$. It'll be...
I have a hd800 so was really looking seriously at the CMA800R, but I now have a LCD X coming in tomorrow.   Now wondering if CMA800R is still the best choice or the Taurus.
my pair of lcd x should be coming in Thursday. I love the hd800 on classical/jazz/film score and this will be my hp for electronica/rock/rap replacing the hd650 / he500 / lcd2 as I wanted something that was a clear upgrade and not a sideway step.   once I get these I'll have to decide what to do as far as amping.  Are there any amps that are really excellent with boht hd800 and lcd X so that its the only amp one would need? I hate having all these boxes around would...
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