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hi again.    I have no documentation for this. :)    merry christmas..
@HeadInjury : Hiya, sorry for being out of topic on dynamic compression.. my bad.   for point 2, I was referring to file size compression. when we record at 24/192, file sizes when mastered are all too large to fit an hour onto a CD. Thus they are data-compressed to within the 16bit word length. So when I say that CD or any mass distributed audio material is compressed, I mean that the data file size is reduced from the original.   So what is the difference? To...
Guys, STEVENSWALL is correct.    All formats that we know as of this day and age is compressed based on the specifications that they are called. 16/44.1, 24/192, 1/2.8224Mhz...    As an audio engineer, I hope to clear the air a wee bit more if you're keen to follow.   Even if we consider digital studio recordings which in itself is compressed at the source to be the "pure" juice of music, compression is still applied in various aspects of the recording. 1. to...
I'm Chinese and the post that says RMB4000 states, "Old Gong's web buddy estimates it to be RMB4000" verbatim.    Thus.. let's leave the guess work out of the equation and just sit back to enjoy the ride.. cos all numbers coming out are just gonna spoil the surprise, methinks.    peace out. 
I want... ICS... so that it will sync with existing mobile phone libraries. SR71 amplifier stage... and a milk frother.
My head is about to burst trying to read through the "Multi Custom IEM review" thread...    Steamed at page 18 with all the extrapolated links!!!    I'm impressed with this LS8 but am hoping secretly that UE18 is a better fit for me for long term listening on the go.. 
I hope it comes with Android ICS. asking too much? maybe.. but would be willing to pay more for it.. 
estreeter : you're not the only Singaporean that's steeped in anticipation.. :)   I hope for a USD475 - 545 range though.. 
Just plugged in Fantasy and September 320kbps from Earth Wind Fire.. side note : 1430mAh battery..    Soundstage : It's "2nd to 3rd row from the front" in your face with the instrument separation well spaced.   Bass : Neutral (no bias).    Voice : lush.. almooost lazy.. but in a nice way..    Highs : can't decide if I like it.. quite laid back too.. might need some more hours of burn in as this is my first time playing back mp3's on this one month old...
Quote:   qusp : I'm voicing this out because I'm a little taken aback. I'd like to voice my opinion just as you did without malice if you may.   I may not make much $ but being a trained audio engineer, I like to enjoy music at its highest level.   If product proves itself desirable in terms of SQ and cosmetics, I'm pretty sure everyone would like to work towards owning one.   A good example would be the iPhone which started out as a $1000 phone but it did become wildly...
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