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Hello, Could you please tell me price for Little Dot MKiii and vsonicGR07? Thank you.
Are you sure? I doubt.  HPH-200 is 48 ohms and Astrotec AS100 - 32ohms.
Thank you guys for respond. Just tried without film. Same thing. :( Looks like I have to contact seller for replacement. My bad luck.
Yes indeed, it is really nice sounding little minimalistic player. Thank you H20Fidelity for inspiration. And it is wonderfully pairing with Yamaha's HPH200. Only one thing spoiling my enjoyment very much and it's very annoying. Just uploaded to youtube to show you guys.   Could someone please tell me is just I got faulty one or there is a fix for this? It is happening in 80% of all times. Sometimes it is fine, working normally, but in few minutes goes nuts and only...
Anyone? Or something wrong with my ears? :)
Hi Guys. Decide to share with you my discovered quite sometimes back really impressive sounded little Player for Windows. It's call "Winyl". Absolutely free and nice looking with some basic features.  Here is a home page http://vinylsoft.com/   Being using it for year aprox but being lazy to post here my impression. Compared with a Foobar, Jriver, iTunes, Cplay with everything actually. Tried Jack on windows, Reclock and MPClassic with new wasapi support and to my...
 It is old number though. Was working two years back. So may be they changed the place. My UM customs was broken 6 month ago and I had no any intentions to get them fixed by UM. Knowing how "fast" their service are. Just drilled holes and fixed myself :) But still was no cases of fraud from Aus. so far. So too early to be stressed out. Hope they will answer to you soon.
 Try this one: +61398265598
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