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Hello, Could someone answer my little question? Regarding Easy UE if it is worth to upgrade from Havi's Pro? Which is both dual DD. Please? Thank you.
I know, but it is my fours phone from ebay. no problem so far. Knock on wood :) Previous three still working as well. Luck factor I suppose.
Come on! I got mine for 350 off eBay. Practically new, 64GB. Month old. and 5 bucks for unlocking. :)
Could someone pm to me "The Link" as well? Thank you. Been thinking about Easy UE. I like my Havi's very much, even bass lacking not hurt their awesomeness. And VJJB V1 which is kind a same design not really in a same league with Havi's. Having both so I know what I'm talking about. Easy UE have resistance 17Ω. So they kind a in a middle between them. Dynamic range is one thing but how they resolve the sound stage and instrument separation? Is anyone having Havi B3 Pro 1...
As I know Flyme 4.5 is Android 5.0.1. Is it?
Lenovo vibe x3 sq is 15% better then what?
How far headphone jack of Vibe X3 from Pro 5?Looks like it's cheaper then Pro 5 and if some soft mods can make a difference may be Vibe X3 is a good buy.
Loudness and amplification is two different things for me. Hope it is loud in a right way :)Yes implementation is the key for sure.Also would be nice to know if anyone tried balanced headphone out on Pro 5?Thank you.
Thank you for your answer! Yes on a road I use just my custom eims or hybrids LZ A2 which I got recently. They really great with my DX50 and makes me wonder all the time why I spent so much for customs :) So, for low impedance iems Pro 5 will be sufficient enough? How about Onkyo ES HF300 or Philips Fidelio X2 probably too? Also I think ESS Sabre32 should be more interesting then Cirrus Logic right? Also would be nice to know if anyone tried balanced headphone out on...
How would you compare ibasso dx80 and meizu pro 5? I can't decide what to get.  They both cost almost the same. Initially I was thinking to buy DX80 but recently my phone got busted and I have to get a new phone as well so would be great to get two in one. Just afraid that DX80 as dedicated device will perform better sound wise.Thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: