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I have been in contact with Penon Audio. Requested if they could get the Music Maker Ting Red and Silver versions. They have replied and said it will be listed fairly soon for $69USD. I have had a fabulous experience ordering from them in the past. Quick delivery and awesome response time. I have been wanting to bundle the Ting and Cygnus as one purchase looks like it will happen soon. Woohoo
Ok, i have been lurking the past few weeks. Sooooo thanks guys, i now have Tomahawk Earbud, Tomahawk IEM, Monk+ x 2. Also purchased a few IEM's, Sendiy M2, Xiaomi Piston 3 and Music Maker TW1. All in the past 3 weeks...  Trying hard not to purchase the Mr Z Ting or Shozy Cygnus lol... they dont seem to be massive upgrades from reading about them. 
Your fkn kidding me.. i just got these in the mail. The fit is a tad picky and i had to push them down quite a bit for the bass to start pumping. But holy moly, ridiculous and airy. Oh my. Also received a pair of Piston 3s and man oh man they sound off the scale for the price. Both of these are such good buys for the price. Sheesh. Stoked! Ok ok... Call me crazy, but these things resemble my old Philips X2's quite a bit. The bass actually hits pretty low. Geeze. Walking...
Selling off all my source components so this is going up for sale. In mint condition like all my gear, this is the non HD Concero. Uses the ESS 9023 chip but sounds darn good for the price. Goes for around $800aud new in Australia. Original box and paperwork etc will be supplied. $400aud shipped within Australia.
Thanks.. i was actually considering the 325e or SR225e as my next steps. Heard the MSPro i a few years ago and didnt think it was worth 8 times the price.
Ok does anyone know a direct upgrade from the MS-1i into a Grado or Alessandro. Seeing as they have changed the E Series sound, i have access to the MS2e and MS-Pro"E versions. But im more inclined to go the Grado route. Options so far include the GH1, RS2e, PS500e and 325e. Maybe all of them 😈😈
Ok.. so i just received my GR07 MKIIs and love the sound. Had my MKI for a long time and enjoyed them alot also. Selling off my gear and sticking with these now and a few others. Been a long time coming for a proper cut back on my audio gear
The previous pair of DT250s had a channel imbalance. But they damn sure sounded good, i have been wondering how the hd600 holds up against them. Will have to buy a pair of senns soon and give them a listen.
Just got my K612 Pro, the build is no where near my old K601 from memory. These are made in China, what ive seen you can luck out and get a pair made in Austria on the odd occasion. However they do sound damn good! No issues with them, check over and so far no bass rattle or visible defects. Hit well above the price i paid for them... sheesh.
How about just listening normally.. tends to work aswell.
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