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Ive got the Sabia V2 incoming. Will comment when it arrives
How would you rate the demun against those two and the cygnus? I was considering the edimun v3 but the price in shipping is a bit high.
Oh no... why do you say that? Haha... made me a little nervous now. :P
I listen to everything usually. Not huge on orchestral stuff, anything from metal/blues/rock/pop/electronic/instrumental and onwards.
Oh no... Red Demun ordered. Oops! Ok ok ive got enough incoming now. Sheesh. Need to sell off a few things :/
To be honest the new design put me off straight away. Not a fan at all.
Cancelled my PM4, all enjoy your iems now back to earbuds i gooooo.
Just sent a question through about the Edimun V3. Would be good if i could get it sent economy shipping. Its way to expensive with EMS.
Just ordered the tp16 from Penon dont need a new bud but its so cheap i couldnt resist. Plus the Cygnus shell fits me best out of any earbud so far. So hopefully these arent far off.
Hell yes.. the free shipping is extremely fast with Penon. Ive ordered mainly EMS through Aliexpress. Roughly the same delivery time. Normal shipping through Ali takes a month for me.
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