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Ok.. I am really interested in the Edimun V3, i currently have a pair of Monk+ and Tomahawks, been looking at the Zen 2.0 or Cygnus. But now these are around, how do they compare..?? The price has also made me consider the Edimun a little more.
Looking at clearing out some inventory, these are both in mint condition. Come with original cases and tips, shirt clips etc.   Id like to sell both of these together, the TW1 arent worth shipping alone. Will be shipped Registered tracking with in Australia.    Would be awesome gifts or travel iems.   $85aud shipped.
Couldnt fork out the extra for the M6, both are unknown right now. So i went the safer M4 to see how they fair :) Look forward to hearing them!
I really hope they make a hp version with rca outs. Sold both my concero units recently and having withdrawls already. :/
Mint pair of GR07 MKII's, which have been lightly used over the past few months. Bought them directly from Penon Audio. I would like $130aud shipped/paypal within Australia. Originally Cost me $180aud to my door. These are basically brand new.   Original packaging and accessories will be supplied.
They come in a small box with a clear case inside.. sounds like you may have gotten fakes. Mine sound pretty good with plenty of bass.
Someone has already mentioned this one uses the Shure shell.
Must resist dqsm d2... only had my tk13 for a week now. Ughhhh!
Are your ears broken..?? :P 
 It was my first iem i purchased off your store :) Not a good purchase to be honest. Every other item i have bought off the store since has been awesome, i will be giving my M2 to a friend who will EQ them since he does not have an iem. They really are awful sounding with the different driver. Was going to try and send them back for a refund, but its probably to expensive and not worth my time. Hope you sorted out the issue now, i know these things happen.. Was actually...
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