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I owned the mojo and found it highly overated. Look at the DF Red or Black as options aswell. Plenty of options that are cheaper
My new pair arrived today aswell :D when i get home tomorrow i will give them a test before putting them away in a safe spot.
I owned the monk+ with my Piston 3 a few months ago. Kept my piston 3 and gave away all my monk+ buds. They kind of share a similar sound, i found the monk+ a little to dark for my tastes. Where as the piston 3 is warmer. For everyday use or commuting both would be great options. Id put them on a similar level to be honest.
If no one has seen....   http://www.dgtle.com/thread-399805-1-1.html     Pictures taken from the link above... Will buy them as soon as they drop. Looking good VSonic!
Awesome! :D Look forward to hearing some people impressions on these. Id like to keep my earbud collection to 3... but it hasn't headed in that direction. :/ Was a little worried they only put the BK out as a prototype and the Stardust would be a different tuning. 
Man those look nice!
Just bought the X3 off Gearbeast :D Cheap right now! Only $77USD delivered.
If you remove your payment info, credit card etc. You can actually pay once the price has been adjusted. Are you using the aliexpress webpage or app on your phone?
Seen two pairs of Zen 1 available on indonesia earbud lovers fb page just tonight.
Just made an acc to buy the Shozy BK having a bit of trouble using my phone to get the purchase done. But ive made my acc now.
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