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Would recommend trying to source them from Penon Audio if possible. Fast reliable shipping if you want more sparkle then the Monk+ for around the same price its worth a shot.
Check out the cheaper TP16 aswell... Treble is great. I to found the Monk+ way to boring and dark sounding.
Already 4 month old news from the VSonic GR07 thread.. :P will have to read how they are though. Love my GR07s and an earbud of similar quality would be awesome.http://www.head-fi.org/t/552132/vsonic-gr07-impressions-thread/7170
Keen for an update on these :D Will be my next pair of IEMs. Saving saving!
Cheers i was hoping they might be on par with GR07s. Just a bit more airy and deeper low end.
How would you rate them against your LZ03A and Havi B3?
Does anyone rock the Sendiy M2? The real ones from the Sendiy store... not those Easy M2s. Had a pair and they were horrible.
I prefer my TP16 to the RX-1 fit is better then both tomahawk and rx-1 aswell. The cable on the TP16 is very good.
I had both a few weeks ago. Tomahawk has an awesome sound that suits most music types, they have fairly extended highs, warm midrange and fairly good lows. RX-1 have a forward midrange and good bass if you can get the proper seal, highs seem a little rolled off... bit more then i like to be honest. I highly prefer the Tomahawk. But id skip both and get the Cygnus or TP16.
TP16 are rad! look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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