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Yeah copper litz. Stock is cardas litz, lvl.1 is less strands of the hybrid litz and as you can see the lvl 2 hybrid litz is pretty damn thick.Directly from Hersang,The Diomnes has 3 variant atm, the std version (with cardas 33ga), the upgraded Lv1 and upgraded Lv2. We decided to upgraded the cable using our best hybrid OCC litz and branded plugs.
Crow Audio Raven ordered :D waiting begins!
 Enjoy the Diomnes ;) amazing earbud. Will never part with mine.
 I have no issue with it at all really... who ever wants to f*** their Edimun V3 go right ahead :) I just want to see pics of the outcome.
 ........ really..??
Ive got a chance to purchase a pair of Crow Audio Ravens, does anyone have any info on them..?? :D
 Each to their own imo... You like Apple Earbuds. Good for you :)
 Confused by this comment... The build quality is pretty darn good for a $5 earbud.
I barely used this MMCX cable, been sitting within a drawer in my bedroom. Bought it from Penon Audio 6 months ago. Has some slight microphonics but other than that its a nicely built mmcx replacement cable. $35AUD shipped within Australia Some info on it below, taken directly from a distributor. Teflon FEP outer skinThis earphone cable features knitting structure with 8 separate wires and independent ground wire for left and right channel, whereas 11 pcs of wire cores...
Sold off my HD600's today, i have two spare grills in new condition directly from Sennheiser Australia. $75aud for both shipped If you are in Perth, Western Australia. Local pickup will be available also.
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