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 Hope you enjoy the HE500 :) Used a pair with a DACmini a few years back, they just sounded unnatural and non engaging to me so i sold them off in the end. I wouldn't say the HE-500 is a big step up from the X2 as i prefer the dynamic sound a whole lot more then planars. You may have a better experience then myself though. The O2 should drive them ok if you head in that direction.
 Everyone's experience is totally different. The reason why i bring up the LCD-X is that it was brought onto the market to be used with lower powered sources. Phones and portable amps... So saying it is harder to drive then the X2 seems pretty left field seeing as its a Planar and all. Specs are nearly identical as well. Something like the HE-6 i can understand with the sensitivity being so low and all. BTW im not trying to argue, i just find your statement a little wierd...
 Dude.. they all have pretty much exactly the same specs. Go figure eh. Going from my Note 4 to my Concero HP is a big step up in sound quality imo. Yes they may be easy to drive but they do scale well with a better source/amp. LCD-X:SpecificationsStyle Open circumaural  Transducer type Planar magnetic Magnetic structure Proprietary push-pull design Magnet type Neodymium Transducer size 106 mm Maximum power handling 15W (for 200ms) Sound pressure...
  ..... So that means the Ether, LCD-X and other similar headphones wont scale well.... 
Both of these have about 5hrs use each. Bought the Beyers from the Massdrop sale a few weeks back and the Fostex are a 3-4 months old off amazon Japan. Both are in pristine condition and come with all the original packing, receipts, accessories etc. DT-1350 - $230AUD shipped within Aus Fostex TE-05 - $110AUD shipped within Aus I will go halfs in the paypal fees with the buyer.
Did i say larger stage meant picking out instruments easier..? No... I said it was probably the angled drivers helping out. Also it is quite a revealing headphone, yes. The DT990 and T90 sound thin in comparison, especially in the midrange. I have also previously owned a pair of K602's and i agree the soundstage was pretty darn impressive on them.
I have owned both the DT990 and T90s.. the X2 has a wider stage then both, pretty sure its the angled drivers. I can easily pick out instruments with it. The T90 and DT990 have more treble and sound a hell of alot brighter. The T90 is a detail monster and gave me fatigue after 30mins use.
 Any amp with a high ohm output will make the X2's sound pretty bad. My Concero HP sounds awesome with them and it has a 2.2ohm output. They also sound great out of my Note 4 so yeah, definitely sounds like your amps are the issue.
End Game... Mid fi.. funny thing is the HD600 and HD650 used to be end game for people. So price should not be relevant, its in the eye of the beholder and what your ears prefer. I have owned a few headphones close to $1000 dollars and sold them... now have a pair of X2s because they sound amazing for the price. Mid fi can be end game for people. Id recommend listening to what you can before jumping in.
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