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 I use a pair of Momentums with my DX50 and they sound pretty amazing Good purchase and im sure you will enjoy them quite alot.
I updated from the original firmware to 1.16 without an issue. Just make sure you do the reset on the last step. I wasnt able to see my music and once i did the reset it all showed up after scanning my SD card again. So far its worked like the charm and sounds frecking amazing!! DX50 with my Momentums is a fabulous match. Eargasms galore with HD music
After reading all these negatives, im definitely waiting for a more stable version. Mine works fine with the original firmware right now.
Ok this little guy is amazing, great sound from such a small little device. Purchased directly from Wicked Digital. Comes with all the original bits and pieces, i have no need for it so it should find a new home. $188AUD Express Posted within Australia.   I do have a Audioquest Forest mini to usb cable, its 1.5m. I can throw it in for and extra $30AUD.   Any questions, feel free to drop me a msg.   Regards, Joel.
How does the HD650 sound out of the DX50?!
Received my DX50 this morning :D No issues of yet. Im putting a 64gb sdxc card in it once it arrives in the mail. Very easy to use and the touch screen works really well. Sounds brilliant for the price, cant wait to put some HD music on it and see how she rocks.
Yeah they dropped to $250 for a short time and I grabbed a pair then. Looks like they are back upto $300.
 Definitely interesting... Hmmmm.
I missed out on the $150AUD deal, picked them up for $250 later. Even at $250 these are a steal, ive had alot of headphones in the past and these are amazing.
I will consider going halfs with shipping Jason. Or if you pay a flat $100 all up. I will ship them out tomorrow registered post with confirmation delivery.Cheers.
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