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I picked up a set of K551s on sale a couple weeks ago and the built-in non-detachable cable was pretty meh and too short for my desk position, even if the remote/mic does have its uses. Talked the situation through (complained non-stop, I should say) with an AKG-loving friend who suggested I pop some mini-XLRs on there and pretend to be a real professional AKGer, so I picked up a couple Neutrik/Reen mini-XLRs and with some help from the aforementioned friend who also...
If the 1001 was sufficient, she'd have mine. I've got a set of d2000s, I barely even use my 1001s these days. They don't fit around her ear like the Bose, so we're looking for something else.
I'm looking for a set of cans for my girlfriend. She recently had to retire hers and she's looking for some replacements. She had Bose Triports which she loved for the fit/weight, not terribly impressed with the sound. On the other hand, she loves the sound of my Denon 1001s, just not the fit. I'm looking for something in the $200 range that is in line with the size/weight/fit of the Bose, but with the sound of the Denons. I'd highly appreciate any recommendations, we're...
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