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 I currently have 7648 songs (7447 of which are Apple Lossless, the rest are random MP3s) that take up 200GB. 
I can't comment on drop frequency related to other devices, but my brand new iPhone 7 Plus (running iOS 10.3.1) drops audio with the Mojo. Seemingly randomly as others have stated, sometimes after 2 mins, sometimes after more than an hour. Just don't want folks to think somehow the iPhone 7 Plus is immune. This to me is clearly Apple's problem to fix. I will live with the dropouts for now and anxiously check this thread for an update. I upgraded to the 7 Plus with 256GB...
Brand new (unused) Lawton Fostex tune-up kit for drivers and earcups (does not include any angle pads or Fostex gear, it's just the core tune up parts). Bought to mod a Fostex but decided to sell it and stick with my modded Denons.
I'm finished modding my 2 pairs of Denon phones, and have some leftover stock parts that others may want.    Stock Denon D2000 cable - 1/8" termination - SOLD Stock Denon D7000 cable - 1/4" termination - SOLD Stock Denon D7000 earpads - in good shape - SOLD Denon D2000 cups - with (new version) Lawton foam damping. few scratches/scuffs, not pristine. - SOLD Denon D7000 cups - with (new version) Lawton foam damping. fairly pristine, one scuff on one cup.- SOLD
Polaris amp in good condition.   Bought from another head-fier in this ad:
Changing this listing from Bakoon only to Bakoon + Fostex.
Several folks have been interested but no buyer yet. shipping from US to many countries seems to be around $60 from USPS (not fully insured so there is some risk) and $150 for UPS/FedEx/DHL. 
 I have an LA7000 and an LA2000, and now have a TH900 I'm deciding whether to Lawtonize or not. Stock, for me the TH900 does not compete with either of my modded Denon phones. I've grown too accustomed to the headstage, accuracy and tightness of the Lawton mods. The question: would a Lawton TH900 (after modding) make me put down my Denon LA7000, or would it simply sound different (not better) or possibly nearly equal? I'm trying to determine if what I'm not liking about...
 I have two sets of deep Lohb cups, one on my LA2000 and one on my LA7000. For me, the combo of the Lawton tuning and angle pads is simply stellar. For the cups, this consists of a sticky disc and a foam pad that then sticks to the disc. The deep cups with this damping plus the extra distance to the ear from the angle pads is (for me) magical. Below is a pic of how the damping looks in the stock D7k cups, which I have available for a photo. 
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