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Several folks have been interested but no buyer yet. FYI...international shipping from US to many countries seems to be around $60 from USPS (not fully insured so there is some risk) and $150 for UPS/FedEx/DHL. 
 I have an LA7000 and an LA2000, and now have a TH900 I'm deciding whether to Lawtonize or not. Stock, for me the TH900 does not compete with either of my modded Denon phones. I've grown too accustomed to the headstage, accuracy and tightness of the Lawton mods. The question: would a Lawton TH900 (after modding) make me put down my Denon LA7000, or would it simply sound different (not better) or possibly nearly equal? I'm trying to determine if what I'm not liking about...
 I have two sets of deep Lohb cups, one on my LA2000 and one on my LA7000. For me, the combo of the Lawton tuning and angle pads is simply stellar. For the cups, this consists of a sticky disc and a foam pad that then sticks to the disc. The deep cups with this damping plus the extra distance to the ear from the angle pads is (for me) magical. Below is a pic of how the damping looks in the stock D7k cups, which I have available for a photo. 
Going to keep them. Swapped Denon cups for a pair of lohb's deep cups, so now it's a home grown LA2000.
 I am very satisfied listening from my iDevice to Mojo to great headphones (LA7000). I have been using my iPad Air to stream Apple Lossless via Home Sharing, using the default iOS music player. I've even experimented with DSD (you can convert to DoP and it will stream via default iOS music player). I get the white light on Mojo, but I can't hear any improvement over RedBook, so I think I'm done chasing hi-rez formats down (just as I got started). I tried Mojo via Foobar...
Interesting article on the sonification of data. Quote from article:
 I did the Lawton mod myself on a D7000 (very similar to TH900). First I did the damping and angle pads and listened for a while, then later added a pair of deep wooden cups (from head-fier Lohb, not Lawton cups). The damping helps to tighen up the sound, increasing clarity and reducing reverb in the headphone. The deeper cups (mine are Monkey Pod wood) increase the soundstage, and for me really made everything snap into place. I know the pads on the TH900 are slightly...
Got my replacement mojo after my original's USB input died. Been without it for two weeks, and am so happy to have it back. It is mesmerizing with my LA7000s. So detailed and warm (rare combo), and musical. Listening just wasn't the same while it was gone.
I have a like-new Bakoon for sale at a good price, if anyone wants to try it out with TH900. I decided to stick with portable only setup.
Yes there is, but it takes longer listening sessions to notice differences.
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