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my favorite binaural track is the first track on the Ultrasone demo, Sileypud. That one sounds binaural and is a good recording. I agree most binaural music doesn't "sound" too binaural. Now that I have really good soundstage headphones, I'm finding non-binaural recordings just as satisfying, i'm impressed how out of my head "normal" recordings can now sound. where binaural really gives me that "holy smokes" feeling is with non-music. People whispering in ears and moving...
- Imogen Heap - Propeller Seeds (1 song only) - Ultrasone S-Logic Demo CD - Stax Demo CD
most certainly the cable. could be where it connects inside the headphone, or it could be at the stereo plug. I have now taken apart a couple Denons and recabled them, so I could help you out if you're in San Diego. If you don't want to learn how to solder, you'll probably need to take them or send them to someone who can repair them.
They are releasing their new Electrostatic Amp Terminal. The amp has an optional terminal module that uses a die to press electrostatic headphones at home for use with the amp. I will be purchasing the fully configured EAT Schiit and Die.
You might want to consider used denon d2000 ($200) with damping mod ($50 self installed). Ticks the bass, comfort, and clarity with separation requirements. If you mod the ear pads to stuff /fatten them like the lawton angle pads, the soundstage is wonderful as well.
 Find me one Head-Fier who has used the same system for 5 years without spending more money. That being said, $10k is only $5k per ear. 
No experience on th600, but on denon d7000, lawton pads do reduce the bass. I was able to bring the bass back by adding deeper wood cups. I don't know if the different pads and cups on stock th600 will lead to a different result. On d7000, once it's damped I still prefer sound with lawton pads vs stock. Less bass but everything else better. That being said, I was pretty thrilled when I added deeper cups and bass became more prominent. Balance is perfect for me now.
Just measured my Lawton angle pads for you. The inside hole is about 70mm at its largest point. There is actually a slight difference between my two sides (one side about 70mm the other about 72mm).
BestBuy / Partstore was a bust. They kept my order open for several weeks, delaying the status, until finally they just canceled it, saying the part was no longer available. But of course, you can still find it on their site and order it. Not good.   I placed an order for 3 pairs from https://www.encompassparts.com two weeks back, and today received 1 pair. Cost as much to ship as the part cost, so I am canceling my remaining backorder for 2 pairs. I'm considering myself...
Sold for $300. That was quick.
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