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A friend and I are last-minute attendees.  We're staying at the Warner Center Marriott, and will be there for the morning of the meet (we have to head out by 1pm or so).  Are there plans for any Fri night listening sessions?  We'll be there Fri probably around 10pm, if people are still up doing some pre-meet listening.  It would be great if people could post here what rooms they are listening in at what times, and maybe we can stop by.   I'll bring and be listening when...
bump..officially for sale.  I will include an extra pair of replacement "bowls" (foam earcups) that I had on hand for whenever needed.
I'm not using my Headphile modified Grado HF-1's enough to justify keeping them around, so they are for sale.  This is HF-1 number 33, Headphile modified to add wood cups and a large headband, and replace the cable.  The soundstage is wider and the sound less veiled than the stock HF-1.  The HF-1 and modification combined cost me roughly $500 shortly after the HF-1 was introduced.  Selling for what I paid.
bump and another price drop.  seems like a great deal to me, but the market must decide.
Very cool concept, we will see how successful it is. Steve jobs quote comes to mind about customers not knowing what they want until they are shown.
5.5 gen, updated listing with this info.
price drop.
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