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What do you mean by channel imbalance? I don't aware any problem of mine.
finally finished this discussion from the top to here!   Got my Pha-2 around 2 weeks.  So far quite satisfying with the SQ.  A bit bright for me but that is OK.   I am currently using some of my old iphones as player.  Just got my 5s so decide to turn my 3Gs and iphone 4 as reusable player.  And very exciting with the info here that I can use CCK and the Onkyo app to turn iphone as Hi-res player~~~   The wording in Onkyo app make me confusing.  In order to output the...
NEW here!   I got myself a silver one.  (I better not wait the P coming out, save a lot of money)   And happy with this upgrade from my current system.   Have a question of power upgrade, any opinion welcome   http://www.head-fi.org/t/690834/zodiac-user-better-to-get-a-voltikus-or-rwa-black-lighting
Just got a brand new silver at home! I am so happy.   Surely will get a power upgrade when my pocket allow.  But somebody suggest me to get a battery supply instead of AC power adapter.   On the market the only battery supply I knew is RWA, and aren't cheap at all too.   Any suggestion?
Hello~ I am also in the process to start my roll for my standard WA2.   As now those recommended tubes in this post become rare tubes (TS5998)  I need a better (more affordable and higher availability) recommendation   Also I read some articles but still not clear out my mind, should we really need a matched pair of tubes for WA2?  Some people suggest only an extreme unmatch (different) tubes may come with problem.  As many old tubes become rare that will be...
Thanks everyone to show the interest of my Symphony.  My original plan is trade out my Symphony and going to try somethings else (or better ) , however I end up need more cash in hand recently so my sell and buy (a more expansive one) plan need to delay.   Sorry for those who interested. 
Is the Cardas cable in big plug? (not 3.5mm?)   I may be interested about the cable, however I am not in US 
I am thinking to let go of my Symphony (v.2) that I bought in June of last year. Nothing disappointed about the Symphony but have some upgrade or try somethings else ideas in mind. It is in mint condition and nearly no scratch at all. It always be used in no smoke and no pet and no kids environment.  I am still using it with all my headphones (DT880pro, K702, Mpro & ED8) I think the price will be around 950, I will try to cover the shipping but need to final that in...
May I know what is OBO?
Thanks for the sharing.   I got a Symphony in my home  and I can let you know pairing M-pro to Symphony is not a good pair, it cannot tell the power of Mpro, I just wonder why 音悅 will going to pair these together.  The time I got my Mpro from there they gave me a much better combination and the power of Mpro is more poisonous, that made my paid for the headphone with only 10 mins listening.   This also show the importance of Amp to headphone, I understand what...
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