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I clean my foam tips about once a week in warm soapy water. its like cleaning a sponge.
Regarding "noise floor": Some amps have an audible noise floor with sensitive phones. The ER6i/XP-7 definitely has this problem until the stock op-amp is swapped for another. the AD797 set I got from Toddthevinyljunkie effectively solved this problem for me. There is still abit of noise at extremely high volumes, but way past realistic listening levels.
The ER6i is a great value at $94.99 at Amazon. They are very light, but not cheap-feeling or looking. Perhaps if they were artificially weighted, like many other small electronic items like ipods, people wouldn't be concerned with the build quality. The Shures do look more like "hardware".
Eat lots of ahi while there--I ate it 9 days in a row! best ever! You can't help but feel guilty though, swimming with these gorgeous fish and then eating them for lunch.
I just just got the etymotic ER6i, which I love. At about 87(amazon) bucks they are affordable--the ideal phone for isolation(travel), and great to use as a couterpart to your grados.
Is it the op-amp(original)? Looks like lots of people here use an Ety/Ray samuels combo without problem. I've swapped various phones in and out and there is definitely a serious hiss with the Er6i/XP-7 combo in particular. Insights? Suggestions? thank you!
Thanks for the reply, aaron. Even when I plug my sennheisers into a mini adpter then back to a 1/4 inch there is no noise. yes, the noise is constant, regardless of volume. I'm thinking that the jack on the ER6is is strange and may require a unique adapter...thoughts?
bump Nobody has tried these phones with a quiet adapter?
When I use a mini to 1/4" adapter to plug my ER6is into my Ray Samuels XP-7 I get a loud hiss. This doesn't happen when I plug other phones into the amp and the ER6is are dead quiet straight out of my nano. I have two different but similar "nothing special" gold adapters. Anyone have this problem? do I need a better adapter? Thanks, Dimitri
Living in Rome for a while sort of ruined things for me when it comes to espresso. I became accustomed to 2-3 perfect cups a day. Even in New York it was impossible to find a perfect shot until recently(4 years later), when I finally enjoyed a shot without defect pulled by an old Italian man in the back of the Arthur Ave. Market here in the Bronx. Espresso here is always a bit too watery or bitter or burnt-tasting or cold or lacking good crema. Also, 99 out of 100...
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