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Are you just trying to get rid of it? I don't see the price/shipping.thx
I'm interested. What's the status of the warranty? and When/Where did you buy it from? thx
[QUOTE=phototristan;6045669]I think my next desk will be one of these: biomorph :: multi desk :: ergonomic furniture, ergonomic desk, home office desk, PACS Radiology Furniture I had one at a job I worked previously and it was great. You could make it higher or lower just by rolling it up with a built in lever. So, if you felt like standing up to work, you could do that, and then roll it back down when you wanted to sit down, etc. Plus, it looks cool; very studio like.
I use an Onkyo DVD player and sometimes a Toshiba Multi-Region DVD player as a source. I got the Toshiba for under $50 usd and it sounds great but the only problem is that you hear the gap between songs, even when the songs are supposed to be mixed. other than that it's a good source. One of this days I'll open it to see the electronics behind it. Good luck!!
You can't go wrong with the C515BEE, it provides an amazing sound and you can use the extra bucks for an emergency pair of headphones around the $180 usd. Or you Now, if you want to talk about a 5 stars player check the NAD C545BEE that is something around the $450 usd: NAD Electronics :: WHF 5 star review C545BEE CD Player I know we're talking about a different application but, I use an Onkyo receiver and an Onkyo DVD player as a source (My Home Theater setup) to...
For 30 extra usd you can get a brand new NAD C-515BEE, an excellent choice if you can't find the Marantz.
I pulled the trigger for the PFE's...
I just got them today!! Check for the update at the beginning of the thread
Quote: Originally Posted by thedips sorry for my wallet... my bikes dont know how to share so had to get 2 sets 7900 sets [IMG][] and this is the only brooks saddle that makes it hard for me to sleep at night!!! [IMG][] so beautiful So excited about seeing the finished product. When r u posting the pictures?? Is that saddle a NOS? And...
Well, I think we have a winner here: a) Phonak PFE: 7 b) UE Super.Fi 5: 0 c) Shure SE115: 0 I'll order them today, I'll give them a shot and let you know my personal impressions and hopefully I won't have to deal with the crack issue associated with the PFE's lately. thanks everybody for your feedback.
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