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I spent some time in two Apple Stores over the past few days. I tried a bunch of headphones and they were uniformly bad. These were not cheap headphones. They were Beats, B&W, and some other brands, costing up to $300. The Apple Earpods that came with my son's iPod sound better than any of them. They all had a terrible sound signature with too much low-mid bass, unnatural and sometimes even distorted treble, and not enough mids. Anyone else make this observation? Are...
I love the X5's.  S4 is OK but a bit bass-heavy for me.  Tried the X10 and was very disappointed -- too bass-heavy and sounded unnatural to me.  If the X7i has a sound signature similar to the X5, that is very promising.
I have a set of Klipsch X10i that I got as a replacement for broken X5's.  I am interested in trading them for something by Westone or Sennheiser, e.g. Westone 2 or 3 or Sennheiser IE7 or IE8.  They are in warranty replacement packaging with the accessories.  I've used them about three hours.
Quick update.  I got a set of MX880's.  Wanted to be able to compare them with the PK2.  The MX880 is very good. The fit is a bit odd but it's OK.  In terms of sound quality, the bass is there, in contrast to the MX581.  The MX880 is on par with, and arguably better than, the PK2.  At this point my earbud ranking would be --   MX8880 >= PK2 > PK3 >> MX581 >= Apple buds > MX500   I would consider the MX980 at some point but I've never seen a good head to head...
Thanks - I found the R and L but it's not easy for a person with ageing eyes.
Just got a set of Sennheiser MX 880 buds.  My initial impression of the sound quality is good -- a bit better than my Yuin PK2's, which I have always liked.   Question -- how do you tell the left and right on these?  I did not see an L or an R and there is an unbalanced shape, so clearly one is intended to be right and the other left.    
It's amazing to me how two people can listen to the same headphones/earphones and reach entirely different conclusions.  I've had the PK2 and PK3.  The PK2 are my current workout favorites.  When I compared these two in A/B fashion switching back and forth, I found the differences to be very subtle and small.  They really sound very similar.  On careful listening it did seem that the PK2 have a bit better clarity in the highs.   I bought a pair of the MX581 for my son. ...
For what it's worth, I bought my son the MX581's and compared them to my PK2's.  Having read good things about the Sennheisers, I hoped the sound would be close.  It's not close.  The PK2's sound much better -- fuller sounding, better bass response, and much better clarity.  The MX581's sounded cheap to me.   I am still curious about the MX880, though, and wonder if they are a big improvement over the 580/581.
Caution -- my opinion only ...   I've read this board quite a bit and tried about 10-12 different IEMs.  I think the RE0 is the single most overrated IEM I've read about here and heard.  I found them to be way too thin sounding.  The low end is just too big a part of the whole sound spectrum to be missing entirely, and I think any good set of speakers, headphones or whatever has to have some sense of balance.  The Phonak PFE and Sleek SA6 were similar.  Not enough...
It better have a lot more bass than the SA6 at that price level.
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