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truth is, there's no way to tell whether silver wire produces more "accurate" monitoring of a mix. there are so many other variables between you and the original sound that have a greater impact on what you percieve as "accuracy" or "quality", than that 1 silver wire between your amp and the iem.
 I find the total opposite. The Earportz... if you get the right size and get them seated in your ear correctly... have the most massive, deep low end, warm thick mids, and sizzly top end, of any tip. They sound "super hi-fi" in resolution to me. Close second comes the triple flange by Earphones Plus, which are much different than the Shure triple... softer material, and much bigger sound hole... more like the Earportz sound hole. Also much easier to get in your ear...
I wouldn't, as much as I love the w60. I use mine with a note 2 digital out to an rsa predator dac/amp. the only reason I would say you shouldn't is that the w60 has so much potential to sound awesome with the right dac/amp. but straight out of the note 2's headphone jack... it's great, but it's not nearly at its full potential. so I wouldn't think it's necessarily worth the $1k price tag unless you plan to upgrade to a higher grade dac/amp at some point. if I was just...
I can't imagine turning the volume up on the 1540 loud enough to distort the bass, and being able to listen to it for any length of time... and not be scared of damaging my hearing. Would be damn loud. And I listen to some really bass heavy electronic music sometimes. But then again, I'm old... so there's that.
I know you said entry level. But since that's relative... I'd also suggest Ray Samuels Audio "The Predator" portable DAC/Amp...around $450 I think. I use it just as you described your set up... Android USB OTG out to Predator to W60, using at least CD quality flac. Sounds awesome!
FWIW, I never use eq to listen to a stereo mix... of commercial releases, or any other final mixes. if I have speakers, iems, or phones that don't sound right to me with no eq... I need to get different ones. otherwise it's just the way the artist intended it, or it's a bad mix and I probably won't be listening to it (unless I remaster it myself). moral of the story... you shouldn't have to use eq... and you shouldn't use eq.
No mods for me.   For reference, I'm used to listening through Westone W60 with an RSA Predator DAC/amp. Also, Event Opal studio monitors via direct out from RME Fireface 800. Sometimes I listen to Shure SE846, thought not nearly as often since the W60s.   Have to confess, when I first got the 1540 and listened to them... I thought there was no way I could handle the little bass hump. When I went back to them later, I guess my ears or something broke in to them....
It's not just about enough power to drive the iem loud enough for you. My W60 sound okay straight from my Note 2. But not even close to running digital usb out and letting an RSA Predator do the conversion and amping. Now that's hi-def hi-fi!
Complete nonsense.First, you don't have my ears, nor my taste in sound quality, so you have no idea what the W60 sounds like to me.Second, I don't know what eartip you used with the W60, but if you haven't made them work for you with the Sensorcom EarPortz, then you haven't heard the W60 at it's absolute best.Third, what your describing as a sound that "obliterates" the W60 sounds to me like a description of an overly hyped sound signature designed to impress on first...
I own the 846 & W60, also. Haven't touched the 846 since recieving the W60. The W60 has so much more "tone" in the low end & low-mids. Not to mention a much smoother and extended high end. The W60 is so much more musical overall. It seems like a richer, more complex listening experience to me. The 846 has sub-low end and treble, by comparison, and that's about it. Just pointing out a differing viewpoint. Tastes vary.
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