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Pretty sure the left channel is not totally zonked. any hope for these cans or cable?
A while back I bought these:   The left channel was acting kind of weird, then yesterday it cut out. It seemed to be working today, but clearly something is off. Not sure what I should do about this. These headphones could be worth a lot of money especially with the recable. Any advice? do they have any resale value in this condition?
  A few months back I got some ultrasone pro 750's (bought 2nd hand from a head-fier. they have a $150 black dragon recable btw). Amazing cans for the price but I have heard great things about the 900's. Also for sale/trade are my HD595's   HD595 - $110 + shipping/fees (8.5/10 condition) 750's - $230 + ship/fees (9/10 condition)   but I would prefer to trade for otherwise headphones such as the 900's and am open to...
As title says, i want one
I think I'm going for the d2000's. Thoughts on a complimentary dac? I think that I would have to get a converter to use the DUET on my MBP (I have teh 2011 model and i'm not sure it has the right firewire connection)
Looking to spend 500 or maybe more on a nonportable setup for my macbook pro. someone please help me. Looking to get into classical music, techno, but also I'd like to be able to listen to some hip hop (basically, everything). Need recommendations for a dac/amp and headphones
thank you. last call for any other suggestions
sorry to be tedious about this but will the original duet work on the 2011 MBP? and does it have sufficient amplification?
I haven't stayed on top of the headphone market for over a year now. Is the filio a nice budget dac/amp these days?
anyone, help please?
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