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Sold elsewhere
Price drop to $75
I have a near new pair of Atrio M5 with the MG7 drivers. The earphones are near new, used only for a few hours. Great sounding earphones with excellent bass, all accessories included. I'll include 4 pairs of the shure foam tips with the Atrios. Asking for $75 plus shipping and handling. Australian buyers preferred
  I've been rocking foo_silk for a while now. I love the integration and auto-downloading cover art and artist photos. Def recommended 
I'm really enjoying it so far. Since upgrading I finally understand why people find the Alessandro MS2 fatiguing, at louder volumes the treble is a bit like being stabbed in the ears  -_-   I haven't had a chance to try out the setup with my Fostex T50RP yet, I'm sure there will be a nice improvement with those as well though. I really should get around to modding those things soon...  
Got my first amp and dac setup today :) Dat aluminium...     *Obligatory "sorry for the crappy phone pics" message*
Sorted :)
Do you live in Australia and want to sell your Asgard or Lyr? I'll be happy to take it off your hands for a decent price. Drop me a PM and we can work something out :)
And... done! :)
So tempting, but it's a bit outside of my price range :(
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