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The SR Red fuse was recently reviewed at Positive-Feedback. The reviewer preferred it to his previous favourite Platinum "more than a fuse", which he preferred over the Supreme. Which makes me also curious. The Quantum fuse did seem to polarize opinion.
That price does not include import duties and tax levied by the receiving country. The amount will vary with the country and on how honest the information is on the shipping documents.
^ What an impressive shine on that purple faceplate!   Memo to self: get my black faceplate polished - something I've never done since the day my BHSE arrived.
It's hard to know how the DSD v PCM tussle will end up - it's the mass market, politics and promotion that usually decides, not which is the better format. So at this point of DAC decision, all we can do is choose a DAC that looks to be the most versatile and future proof.   I guess an appropriate rival to the HD DAC will be the Light Harmonic Da Vinci (photo below). The latter chose to keep DSD as a completely separate section from PCM, at a mere $11k on top of the $20k...
Just to be clear, I was writing about the headphone section of my 6 year old Nagra CDC (integrated CD player with preamp and headphone output as below). Mostly using the Sen HD600s as an occasional alternative my primary Stax rig..   I've not yet seen the new HD DAC, let alone heard it.
Yes, I think the Nagra HD DAC does seem to do it all in a very neat package. And if the preamp and headphone section really is top of the line then that helps too. It's just that price that's hard for me to take - more than double Nagra's previous standalone DAC.   I do agree with the reviewer that the headphone section of the CDC is more convenience than top of the line - and very convenient it is too, even with remote control if I want to use that. But the headphone SQ...
Hi Golfnutz, where would you say the MBs now fit amongst the PHs and XF2s?   My blue MBs are still running fine, and they don't exhibit any untoward brightness using my 007s. So I still rate them as slightly above the PHs irrespective of cost.
Subscribed. As owner of a Nagra CDC, the new HD DAC is automatically a candidate to tempt me away from CD-only playback.    Shame that Nagra has pitched the price so high  . There's currently a whole bunch of FOMs, from the likes of Lampi and Totaldac, that come in at less than half this price. Nevertheless, if the Nagra can trump them all then it could get interesting.
I first came upon Jenny Lewis with her Rabbit Fur Coat album, which I love. Then Acid Tongue, which is great in parts, but more challenging - I need to give this one another try.   Based on the radio playing recently one of the tracks off her new album, I was very keen to buy this one, but listening to some samples off amazon showed the mastering to be excessively loud, very compressed. So I've given it a miss - life's too short to put up with such a poor sound. Shame.
I can see how you came to your conclusions eric65, because David has indeed stated many times that the PH tubes have tamed his 009's brightness (compared to stock JJs and also SEDs). But the reason is because the PHs are considerably more transparent than the JJs. They simply let the music shine through more, whereas the JJs slightly corrupt the music by smearing the images and adding a layer of grain to the upper mids and treble, which is more fatiguing - there isn't...
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