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So with a little eq of the sub bass, these could be similar the xb90ex but with more clarity and a better soundstage? 
A few days ago, someone mentioned that the Zeroes have lots of bass.  But another comment on here said the opposite.    I like the descriptions I read (warm while still retaining detail).  That was one thing I liked about the Yamaha EPH100s.  I hate piercing treble and sibilance but still like detail.    If these have a warm signature with tons of bass while retaining detail I am interested.  If they lack bass then I am back to trying to find a legit pair of EPH100s.
There were a bunch of threads about fake EPH100s bought on Amazon.  Not sure how to tell which amazon dealers are the legit ones..
 I would have bought them if they were not scamming on shipping. 87 GBP to ship to Australia? (That's over 100USD to ship an item that weighs less than 200g).
Well, I am considering trying out the Sony Xb90exs. Any suggestions where to buy XB90Ex online (store that will ship to Australia)??
Cool, look forward to the comparison. I am still considering re ordering the Yamaha EPH100s because I miss the detail they had. I am using Sen C300s currently and they just don't compare. If the Sony Xb90ex have detail that matches the EPH100s, I will give them a shot. If the Shozy is as good, then it will also be on the radar. 
On the Zero thread I asked how these compared to other basshead IEMs and the response was that they didn't have much bass. So which is it? 
Has anyone compared the xb90s vs. the RHA MA750s or Yamaha EPH100s? I had a pair of EPH 100s that I still had to eq a little. The bass was there but the main thing I liked was the detail. I have tried previous Head-fi recommended headphones recommended by bass heads and usually was dissappointed by how muddy they were. My EPH100s have gone missing. Considering trying the Sonys but skeptical.
Did any of you have the Yamaha EPH100s in the past?
All those on the top 10 are less than 200?
New Posts  All Forums: