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I am in Japan now and no one carries the xb90ex or 800st. Long out of production according to the stores here. Anyone know the current models?
Mine seem to have died on one side.  Might try the compressed air trick
Is there anything that approaches the quality of this at a cheaper price?  Already had an Xduoo X3 die on me and not get any warranty support. 
Aigo mp3-105 looks good but also a bit of an unknown.  Just one review on Head-fi but it sounds like he prefers it over the X3. 
If anyone has a recommended alternative to the X3, let me know.I won't be giving Xduoo or Tomtop any more of my money.
 Xduoo has been just as bad.  I asked them how long their warranty is and the response was "permanent warranty".  When I asked how to organize a warranty repair/return they never responded.
  Good luck.  Mine didn't last much more than a few months.  Warranty is non existent.  Here is the latest response from Tomtop regarding a return/warranty on my dead X3.  100USD is approximately 135AUS.  I paid a little over 100USD for the X3.  Customer Service Team 25 Nov at 9:01 PMm0b1liz3  Hi customer,Good day!How about refunding you 35AUD without returning it back?Considering it takes time, and shipping cost is expensiveRegardsLisa
Well, Tomtop keeps avoiding warranty return.  I emailed Xduoo themselves and they said "permanent warranty".  No response when I asked them to process a warranty claim.  So you have both the retailer and the product company both avoiding any responsibility of warranty.    To those considering purchasing one of these, just realize that you are getting a product with no warranty. 
 If the hardware has failed, would they really spend the time and effort to repair it and then check what kind of firmware was on it? I sent an email to Xduoo regarding the warranty time on the device.  The response was that it has a "permanent warranty".  I then sent another email about how to organize a warranty RMA and haven't heard any response.  Tomtop initially responded and asked me to make a video of the problem.  It doesn't turn on.  What's the *(&^%ing point of...
Yep.  Reset does nothing. Pretty certain it is a hardware issue
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