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 Took way too long for that to be sorted out.  I haven't checked again but when I was emailed by your own staff the shipping quote I was given was substantially higher than 14.72. 
I have an X3 with Rockbox and just have a 16gb SD card. (Going to buy a 128GB card soon)  I decided to download a few high res audio files to try out the X3.  I noticed it is super slow when loading these files and there are big delays in between songs.    My questions are:   1) Is this delay typical?  I assume it is because it requires more processing? (ie unrelated to Rockbox) 2) Would a better speed SD card make any difference?  (my guess would be no) 3) Has...
I remembered to check the bootup screen and realized I was running the latest version. Seems like the instructions on the xvortex site are much more complicated. I figured I must have missed something but it is working well. 
My attention span is running a little short tonight.    I just received my X3 today.  I put in a spare SD card formatted to fat32 and installed rockbox as per Bob's instructions on post 28.    I renamed the update.zip.   My question is, what do I need to do with that update zip file?  Maybe it is explained later somewhere in this thread but I have turned into a zombie already.      My x3 boots up into rockbox but I flicked through the menus and didn't see a section...
Couldn't get Audio Affair to agree to lower shipping to a realistic amount.  Decided to try out another option.
So with a little eq of the sub bass, these could be similar the xb90ex but with more clarity and a better soundstage? 
A few days ago, someone mentioned that the Zeroes have lots of bass.  But another comment on here said the opposite.    I like the descriptions I read (warm while still retaining detail).  That was one thing I liked about the Yamaha EPH100s.  I hate piercing treble and sibilance but still like detail.    If these have a warm signature with tons of bass while retaining detail I am interested.  If they lack bass then I am back to trying to find a legit pair of EPH100s.
There were a bunch of threads about fake EPH100s bought on Amazon.  Not sure how to tell which amazon dealers are the legit ones..
 I would have bought them if they were not scamming on shipping. 87 GBP to ship to Australia? (That's over 100USD to ship an item that weighs less than 200g).
Well, I am considering trying out the Sony Xb90exs. Any suggestions where to buy XB90Ex online (store that will ship to Australia)??
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