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Hey Pabbi1,   I was wondering how this turned out?  I am wanting to build a super small Champ clone myself.  Any advice on how to source the parts cheaply?  There is also a Micro Champ out there I thought of as well.   -Mark
    Does this mean you prefer it over the Bantam DAC??       Are all these kits coloured like that?  I am not partial to white cable.  If I built it, I would go black.    Can you use this in reverse???  (ie.  take an analog signal and convert to digital for recording?)   I had an idea of building a tube preamp for guitar and then have it output to the GrubDAC rcas into the computer for digital recording.    
I haven't been on Head-fi for ages now.    I have been using a Line 6 Guitar port as my DAC into a Millet Starving Student that I built.  I always thought the Guitarport as a DAC wasn't ideal.  But I also am not sure how happy I am with the MHSS as an amp for the D2000s.  I had contemplated building a DAC at one point but then I got really busy with work and a guitar amp project.  Work is still busy and I gave up on the guitar amp too.   I could buy a combo...
Hmm, I don't think it is going to work out. I didn't find too much cool stuff here electronics wise. Tube amps seem pretty uncommon.
I am currently in Taipei visiting for a few days. I had hoped to find a place with tube based amps and electronics. (Also planning to build a guitar amp). Is there an area of Taipei known for tube amps?
So I went shopping the other day and forgot I had my clip with me. It is long gone now. The sad thing is that they sell the 4gb version for 150$ in Australia! I can't even find the 8gb ones and they are just $49 at Walmart in NA! If anyone knows of an online store that sells these at a good price let me know. Or if anyone can send me one I can pay by paypal! Or does anyone know where I can buy one in Tokyo? I am going on a short trip soon
Can anyone buy one of these for me? I am in Australia and it isn't available here. I can't seem to find any stores that will ship to Australia without charging lots of $.
Is that the option from the site with the perforated top?
"It's just an AC wallwart (like the Millet Max uses). All of the power supply components are on the board itself." Ah ok. So will need to buy a 240v version. Has anyone found a good source for the 240v wallwart?
Ok I have 2 questions: 1) Doesn't this run on a SMPS? There was mention of international parts etc. Just wondered about the 24V .83mA Transformer w/ cable (is this an SMPS?) Just need to verify since I live in Australia but may move back to NA at some point so SMPS needed. 2) What's the difference with these 2 options? Pre-Drilled Top w/ Bushing ADD $6.00 (tube hole alone?) Full Perforated Top w/ Bushing ADD $6.00
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