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Sent u a PM Ice
I currently own LCD-2 and AH-D7000. Would the DX1000 be a worthwhile addition or is a lot like Denons?
Anyone interested in selling the DX1000s?
Does anyone have or know of a pair of D7000s that maybe have one damaged driver or do u have a spare driver? I have a pair but Ive damaged a driver. Thanks
Thanks brother!
need some help fellas. I have a copy of Megadeths Killing is my Business.... and the cover has the parental advisory sticker which should indicate a non censored CD right? Well when I played the CD the song "These Boots are Made for Walking" had a lot of stuff bleeped out. Did someone put the censored CD in a non censored box or is the bleeped stuff part of the song or what?  Help...
Excellent breakdown Mark. I think  you and I and Redcarmoose are probably the oldest guys on this thread. One thing these younger guys don't understand is that back before say 95 u didnt have such easy access and information about new music. Nobody had a PC and the internet was unheard of. Metal magazines if u could find them or the rare radio show were all we had unless u lived in a HUGE city. U had to really watch your money because u couldnt steal free music off the...
I'm feelin ya my man! 900's just didn't have the romance. Kinda like the hot chick thats a bit cold with no sense of The 600's are the girl you overlook at first but once you get some time around her you fall in love! I can literally listen for hours with no fatigue. The 600's are forgiving of not so perfect recordings as well. Whereas the 900's would shout "the mix is pure crapp bro!" :D
I hear ya. Well the 600's won out. The 600's really are a great headphone. They're a little more forgiving and fun. Love the bass on these. I tried to find a FR graph on headroom for the 600 to see why i preferred them to the 900 and to see the comparison to the D7000, but no 600 graph only the 900. Compared to the D-7000 it appears the 900's are elevated slightly around 1500-2000Hz and significantly elevated at 10,000Hz and up. There is a slight dip at around 600Hz. Like...
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