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U need these. Like new.
Get em while theyre hot! obo folks!!
Yep. Still got em
Anyway.... I think Diaz will get a shot at tenderfoot RDA, Diaz will beat him then that sets up a HUGE money rematch with McGregor at the proper fu**ing weight. Just my opinion
Im running my HD800 off an Emotiva mini-x a100 50wpc speaker amp. Running a female xlr with wires directly to the speaker taps. Sounds DAMN good. Bass, smooth treble, deep spacious sound, huge soundstage, just very meaty and natural sound. This amp is only $219 and has its own volume control. Im lovin it!!
Yeah Conors young....he learned a lot from this. All he lost was some pride. Hell he barely was bruised. 170 is just too much for him now especially last minute. If Diaz woulda met him at 155 it might have been different. A full camp sparring with long rangey dudes like Diaz...I see a future rematch for sure. I really hope Diaz destroys RDA.
Yeah much respect to Nate he's always a warrior. This whole deal was some shady dogfight BS. Conor trained and prepped for a 155 bout then RDA wusses out last minute just like Aldo then the only replacement is Diaz who will only go at 170. ****ty deal but its a big money game. Conor is a smaller guy than Diaz and an extra 15 lbs is huge especially last minute. F RDA. I hope Diaz cripples that punk. Maybe Diaz will pull RDAs titanium jaw out and beat him to death with it....
I think youre gonna see Diaz get KO'd.
Yes. I saw that yesterday. Very cool.
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