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Monolord "Vaenir"
I agree with Munson. Im not sure where the sibilance complaints are coming from. Im very allergic to sibilant distortion and just have never heard it with the TH600. It could be the source material or the digital front end or amp....my system is very smooth..a bright recording is still bright however and a good recording is fantastic.
Keep an eye on your earpads with these. I noticed that my earpads had spun around so that the fatter part was not in back. I spun them back around to their correct orientation and Im enjoying them again....haaa The TH600 can sound dull and lifeless if the pads get out of position.
I agree. The AH-D7000s really are a fantastic headphone.
Yes this amp needs room to breathe and stay cool. Ive overheated mine and caused it to shut off. I now have it sitting on four, one inch blocks(one block under each foot) with plenty of room above it. Never overheats now. Love this amp.
Sent u a PM Ice
I currently own LCD-2 and AH-D7000. Would the DX1000 be a worthwhile addition or is a lot like Denons?
Anyone interested in selling the DX1000s?
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