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Yup, guitar distortion and feedbacks. I still remember years back the first time I listened to Loveless, I actually need to clean the laser head in my stereo... For me "Loveless" is a bit overrated too. I prefer Lush and Pale Saints better.
errrr, #7800, a late check in. I've been keeping them for a couple months already. currently with 414 flat pads. I've read a couple reviews these days on how superb it sounds when driving Grados with Melos Sha-1 or Gold, like this one. I'm quite curious however they seems to be released in early 90s, really doubt whether they are still available, plus the price was quite steep back then. Anyone got any first-hand experiences here?
"More" and "Obscured by Clouds" usually get low rating, but I adore them a lot. I love all their releases between 69-79. Hardly tell which one is the best.
Alessandro MS-2 Grado SR-325i AKG K26P SunRise SR Pro iBuds
For me the fatigue doesn't come from the sound but from the fit, but I would say it's quite minor. I often have my ms2i on my head for 2-3 hrs.
Wow sign me up tentatively, I hope my biz trip can be canceled that week. I can bring in a SR325i, and a Graham Slee Voyager (sad gpkoo cannot make it, I'd like to compare how big is the gap between solo and voyager) I must admit gears are not really my interest so my knowledge is limited, the majority goes to CDs. But I'd like to share what I have and experience what top gears sound like. Hope the meet won't open a floodgate for me (i reckon the chance is slim).
Yeah, OK2 seems to meet your needs. However many found it is uncomfortable with IEM simulation tips screwed on. It works best as ear bud.
language is not a barrier in music. there are 'best music' all around the world, but if we try to define 'best non-English music', are we too Anglo-centric?
The Finnish label Fonal is full of surprises.
Quote: Originally Posted by Traddad Mr Bungle is a fruit salad bowl of prescription meds at a frat party. I'm looking for a piece if Japanese Bizen pottery with an abstract glaze. Melody, ambient experimental plus Post Rock, try Noble, Plop and Powershovel labels (Agnostic is right, WEG is superb!!!). Noise, Avant-Garde type try Tzadik and Avant. - i mean Japanese labels here.
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