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Dire Straits - Alchemy Roger Waters - The Wall
oh boy, I love electronic-based ambient stuff, here you go Biosphere - Substrata 2 Global Communication - 76:14 Beautumn - White Coffee The list can actually go on and on and on, such as "world receiver" from Tetsu Inoue, all albums from Basic Channel, "A Brief History" from Suns of Arqa, "Gyral" from Scorn... etc. Harold Budd's "Avalon Sutra" is my most favorite ambient type of album however it's more neo-classical style rather than electronica.
a Chinese DIY released more than two years ago, no much fame yet, never seen a real one, heard it's weigh 19KG O_O" it should be famous by now if it's good ... here is a review in Chinese if you can read
wondering why all the US folks are so keen on this topic and no Aussies put any comments yet
Jan Garbarek - Rites (ECM) Nils Okland - Straum (RUNE GRAMMOFON) In the Country - This was the pace of my heartbeat (RUNE GRAMMOFON) Conjoint - A Few Empty Chairs (BURO)
I'm planning to buy a UE 5 after readying Edwood's review (thanks for the effective promotion ) I currently have a GS Voyager, so I suppose it can extract the most of sf5. However when I check the specs, I found that the sf5 impedance is 13ohm while Voyager's supporting range is 16-600 ohm. Does it mean I need to add a p2s cable (to add impedance) to make it working? or it should be fine just not perform 100%? I've always heard that a good quality p2s can...
From Japan: Tenniscoats, World's End Girlfriend, Kazumasa Hashimoto, Natsume, Fonica, Toe, Lullatone, Mono ... ... From China: FM3 (of course), Dou Wei, Cui Jian, Wood Pushing Melon (super powerful Chinese punk, I reckon not many people heard of them), Another Two Comrades, Panda Twin. BTW I don't think bands like Beyond, Black Panther are rock, they are just too puffy, too pop for my ears.
Quote: Originally Posted by nor_spoon I have listened to spesific albums probably thousands of times, and still do not know the name of the tracks. x2
Heard RA1 would tame the highs of 325i but I haven't tried. However it only suits Grado phones.
Thanks HeadphoneAddict for the great reviews. Melos & Zana availability in AU might be zero.
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