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Discogs - Database and Marketplace for Music on Vinyl, CD, Cassette, MP3 and More I'm a big fan of this site, especially good when you compare different versions of the same album. Genres and styles are listed clearly for each album
I have the model B4 and the sound is superb. I'm using it to pair up my old iPod movie 60G and GS Voyager. I compared it with a cheaper Chinese DIY LOD. On a cheap Sennheiser CX500, the difference between these two LODs is not distinctive at all, however on my SE530, I could tell the Microshar provides a smoother sound while the DIY LOD sounds grainier, esp. on human voices. One bad thing of this LOD is - the cable is thick and very hard to bend U-shape, so I cannot stack...
man, hope i have this amount of spare money to toss around
Quote: Originally Posted by elliot42 My favourite of the day would have to be the Grado 325. I listened to them with the Lisa III XP and they sounded amazing, just the fun, engaging sound I'd like to get next, but I'll have to see about the cost... Music Direct sometimes put demo 325i for sale at $225 USD, but they don't ship overseas, you may use Price USA if don't have a friend in US. I got my pair there virtually brand new, without a single...
Tosca - Suzuki Tosca - Opera Kruder & Dorfmeister - K&D Sessions Suns of Arqa - A Brief History of Suns of Arqa
That was a wonderful meet. Thanks guys for arranging this, esp. covenant qusp and stevenkelby, the efforts were enormous. This was my first meet, too much gear overwhelmed me and I only tried probably half of them. ED9 and D5000 wowed me though I don't really like to tie up too much cash with a single pair of can. D2000 and D5000 both have nicely modded pads which make wear really comfortable, however 2000 sounds a bit boomy for my ears. The GS1000 pads are outstanding,...
Hannu - "Worms in my piano" excellent minimal work from a new Finnish artist. I saw the cover art and I knew this is the album I love. Also, Japan ambient/minimal label SPEKK has some wonderful ambient/experimental releases. I keep four of them - "John Hudak - Room with sky", "Andrey Kiritchenko - True Delusion", "VA - Small melodies", "Boca Raton - Enzo/Further". Neither of them ever let me down.
Alright confirmed I can show up. Thanks for the financial crisis my biz trip has been killed. So we meet at St Martins Tower lobby at 2pm and Covenant would escort us up? Wondering anyone is kind enough to bring in a I saw two SE530s in the list but no UE. I almost placed an order for a new 5 but then decided to go top straight. I don't mind trading my 325i for a pair of coz I actually prefer my MS2.
Danielle Dax Rickie Lee Jones Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins) Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane) Kate Bush
Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis Yeah, I love Geir Jenssen's music... X2, Geir Jenssen rules ambient techno
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