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Maybe buy directly from Rudi? They do free international shipping RudiStor Sound Systems Hi End, HI-End Headphone Amplifiers
cannot believe nobody take this yet, have been drooling for a couple days but just spent too much recently & dare not touch my wallet any more good luck
Quote: Originally Posted by Currawong Second, the iPod doesn't have a "crappy internal DAC" but a quite decent one. Yeah you are right, Apple 338S0394 codec is not that bad, sorry for being so critical, but people are still going for iMods, iTransports, etc. Quote: Originally Posted by Currawong Third, no, unless a CD is severely scratched, you'll get a perfect rip from EAC with no quality loss. I would say it's far from...
GS1000 sings on good source, shrieks on cheap source. If you don't have good CDP + AMP and buy GS1000, that's the beginning of a nightmare.
you mean using LOD? i think that will bypass the crappy onboard amp, but cannot bypass the cheap internal DAC. So when the signal reaches your lod cable, something already lost, that's why Wadia iTransport is designed for. (Your music file in iPod is already lossy even though you use WAV, jitter of your CD-ROM caused that when you do ripping). But normally speaking using LOD with a quality DAC/amp combo, the SQ is good enough for most people.
Quote: Originally Posted by CapQ I do remember that the prev price for MS2i is $399. Anyway mate thanks for your help^^ errr, A$349 back in Feb, damn the exchange rate. My pair has been replaced by SR325i, sorry for not being helpful now
Hah, sorry forget what I said, for the sake of your wallet.
Quote: Originally Posted by melomaniac Basic Channel - BCD Love this one too! I'm really into two German electro jazz bands these days - Kammerflimmer Kollektief and Tied + Tickled Trio. Their music is difficult to categorise. It's just strangely calming my nerves, soothing, jazzy, ambient, experimental, you name it. Fit my ears at any situation. Tied + Tickled Trio is defintely the best of out the Morr Music label while Kammerflimmer...
Soooo cute, if your daughter feels the metal housing is too heavy, RS1/2 woodies might be the right choice
Tried qusp's se530 during Sydney meet and that was damn addictive. Got mine 3 weeks ago and i love every min with it. Also I totally agree a quality amp adds a lot depth. gang in black
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