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According to AusPost site, registered post up to 2KG is A$44.5 rip off!!! I can go check with postoffice if you serious.
Selling my golden 325i since got rs1. Got them in early 2009 from MusicDirect. I'm the original owner.   Well cared in no animal, non-smoking home. Headband and drivers are in perfect condition. The gold paint on button, text circle and "L" and "R" plastic holder wears a bit, see picture.   In original pizza box. Will also toss in an original Grado 1/4" to 1/8" adapter (bought from Headphonic separately).   A$215 shipped Australia wide. International buyers...
The Thing Two Band And A Legend Free Fall Original Silence Cato Salsa Experience The Core MZN3 Jazzmob Erik Hegdal Crime Orchestra Jerry Johansson Alog Food Supersilent Arve Henriksen Nils Okland In the Country Thomas Stronen Svalastog   Basically, musicians from a few labels - Smalltown Superjazzz, Jazzaway, Kning Disk, Rune Grammofon
geez nobody at this price?
PM sent
Got an RA1 from FallenAngel and the whole transaction was a great experience. Lightening response and posting, the item was carefully packaged. Superb Head-fier, two thumbs up!
Hiking (we call it bush walking here). Hiked many tracks around Sydney and a couple in NZ - mostly without IEMs stuck in my ears.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fetou Kurt Cobain ... Unplugged in New York, ... "Where did you sleep last night" from the same concert. x2
Trent Reznor does ambient? Not too sure, I know Aphex Twin does. If you like rhythmic ambient, US Infraction label comes with some good releases, to name a few: Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver (various versions with other labels) Beautumn - White Coffee MILIEU - Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars For ambient techno or glitchy style, you may want to check NYC 12K, Japan Spekk and Germany Raster-Noton. I personally like German AHORNFELDER, which releases quite atmospheric ambient...
16913 songs, 170.03GB
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