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every piece Nick sells calling my empty wallet to squeeze more
Tried 595 driven by a dac zero 09 phone jack at friend's place - sounded fuzzy, muddy and unbreakable when playing my fav Converter album, could be amp issue though. I don't know Denons are on the bright side, not from I read so far in the forum though.
Yeah, going to try Denons when get chance. 701 doesn't fit, I tried, AKG sound signature is not for RN, Senns neither, sounds muddled. thanks!
Anyone into bands such as Empusae, Converter, Winterkalte, Hysteresis, 5F-X, Suicide Inside here? I found these are the most exciting music play out loud from speakers. However with headphones, they are just too much! With Grados I simply cannot tolerant rythmic noise for more than an hour. I know my settings could be overly bright. Anyone have such experience? Any dark sounding or laid-back cans you recommend which can playback rythmic noise well without causing much...
There have been threads talking about Scandinavian Jazz, which I've been immensely enjoy. However what obsess me most these days is Scandinavian Folk. Many of Scandinavian folk musicians are singing in English, not sure if the intention is to capture fans around the globe. They definitely captured me.   Some of most favorite musicians in this genre:   Lesli - I stumbled upon this young Swedish singer's album "sleepwalkers lament" right before dotshop close...
Apart from the casing materials, are all the specs and internal components the same as Cruise, which was released later last year? I reckon international buyer wouldn't get free shipping
  Yup, Nils Økland is in my list, love his singing violin, which creates a vivid bleak Scandinavian landscape.
Gone, listing close, thanks for looking guys
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