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Looking forward to a more comprehensive review from Downsize. I've been seriously considering between the Cruise and Stride these days. Their flexibility, performance and mobility based on so far very limited reviews are what I exactly need. If the only difference is exterior, I'd eventually bite a Stride. Actually, those Japan made little gems really trigger my curiosity. I'm very happy with my Fostex HP-A7, and may even plan a short trip to Tokyo in the near future.
Got this pair of Fostex T50RP in this Jan brand new, from eBay store Audio Store Pro at A$120 (around A$140 including postage). Though I didn't get any receipt or something. Hardly used since, maximum 5 hours I'd say. Haven't done any modding yet. Decide the sound signature is not to my taste. $95 shipped AU wide. NZ is also considerable but no WW buyers considering rediculous postage charged by AusPost.  
Think you might be able to return and get full refund in this case? I'm really interested in trying Cruise or Stride, but unfortunately too much spending lately and already been warned by wife no more gears in two months This is a great crashing course for Scandinavia music, nice priced too.
nice phone and good price, should be gone soon
Playing Lars Danielsson's latest "Liberetto" now in the background. This is so nice! Thanks for recommending GadoGado! Now I'm more into Nordic Jazz than Continental Euro Jazz, very tasty.
roughly once in a fortnight... buy good conditioned 2nd-hand, save the burn-in time they would last for decades if well taken good care of  
Lucky you! Nobody even buy me an iGrado. Lots of such threads in the forum. Search for "best amp for rs1", you would be immediately swamped.   Since you listen out directly from laptop or ipod, a dac/amp combo would do better job than amp alone.
Len Wallis in Lane Cove is not specialised on head-fi but they do have high end Senns and Stax, a couple head amps as well.   Eastwood Hifi is a nice shop for source and loudspeakers. In my memory they've only ever sold 2 models of head/earphones, both Yamaha.   Castle Hill Hifi has Denon, Senns and Denon, but wayyyyyy too pricy, can you imagine K701 at A$1K and D7000 at A$2.2K? Not even in my wildest dreams!   + 1 from me for Headphonic, bought Alessandro...
Sweet! I was not able to list all I've been listened. Definitely love Sorten Muld, Ölof Arnalds & so. And yeah, Nordic folk singing in Scandinavian languages should be in majority there, and heard Finland is the country who saves most of its traditional cultural, which is of a bit of rarity in this roaring global village. Just keep on supporting original music and buy music of what I (we) love.
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