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Check in. How did I only find this thread today?!   A question for Gwarmi, notice you keep both V200 and plenty of Grados. Does v200 drive Grados well, esp. RS1 and 325i? I just got rid off my RA1 and not entirely satisfied with direct driven by HP-A7 phone jacks. Start accumulating interests on lake people.
Thanks for recommending Paul, I'll check other Denver gothic country bands. I doubt if 16HP ever came to Down Under. I have both of their live DVDs but live is definitely much better. I'm also quite into some US "Freak Folk" stuff - Big Blood from Maine, Spires That in the Sunset Rise from Chicago, etc.
it is a constant tickle, testing your will power
I love 16 Horsepower a lot, which later evolved into Woven Hand, still classified as Folk Rock but more on experimental side. David Eugene Edwards is a genius.
Dig up this old thread. Before I decided to invest on HP-A7, I compared these few interesting Japanese USB DACs on this page: Price wise they are all on par. DAC-1000's advantage is more input options, but lacks of amp section and phone jack. What prompt my decision was the fame of Fostex in pro audio and its amp section, though seldom use it. Also DAC1000 weigh more than 3KG, postage from JP would be more than doubled too. Looking forward to...
Thanks for this write-up, I'll definitely compare the two. BTW, the tests you did were comparing the DAC+amp combo holistically. Any tests via analog-in for Amp session only? I know Headstreamer doesn't have analog in. Also, besides Vsonic GR07, any chance you tried Shure or Westone universal fits?  
This is interesting indeed. Judging from money alone Pico would be a clear winner, so that's what I've been considering for, in fearing Headstreamer stuff won't perform decently. Also, did you get a chance to compare your new ADL Curise with the gang? Just out of curiosity. Form factor or size wise it may not be matching this group well, just out of curiosity coz that's the one I'd like to invest in.
Nothing new? Amazon JP starts selling it and a Japanese customer gave it a high praise Unfortunately you need to do Google translation and read broken English.
Dead Can Dance - Toward The Within Dire Straits - Alchemy 16 Horsepower - Live March 2001 checked, I have very low compatiability with most folks here. I mostly listen to experimental electro, freak folk, rythmic noise, dark and free jazz stuff, which suppose to be "lo-fi"
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