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For me, comfortableness contributes half the feat to "get lost in the music". I'm not so sure if there any crappy SQ cans which are super comfortable coz I would never consider such a thing, unless seeking for ear muffles. However if a superb sounding phone designed to torture, I'll never "get lost in music".
With my limited experiences, DT-880 and Shure 1840 fit me quite well, which made me forgot their existence now & then. Senn HD600 & 650's clamping force is a bit too much for me. Grados are darn uncomfortable mostly due to their itchy pads.
haha, bought 1840 a month ago here at exactly the same price. I'd say I'm very pleased about the purchase. These are really amazing and underrated cans which I do prefer better than my RS1 & HD600. good luck with the sale.
I bought them 4 years ago from EarphoneSolutions. Right after warranty expired the stock cable split so I got them re-cabled. It's still working perfectly without any sign of retirement but cosmetically looks a little shoddy. the shells were opened for recabling purpose so some paint chips along the edge texts on the shell were rubbed off a little the rubber tubes (wrap around the roots of cables) come loose, but the cables don't see any sign of loosen cables become...
Addicted to loudspeakers for quite sometime unfortunately now I need to turn back to cans (due to space & noise tolerance limitations, etc.) Lukily I still keep two pairs of phones I like - HD600 and RS1 (semi vintage B). I sold all my head amps, now driving both with headphone output of my DAC (Fostex HP-A7). HD600 sounds alright but RS1 is tad too bright. Seeking recommendations for a desktop amp to drive both cans to decent level, OK with both tubes and SS, budget...
nice price, no shipping OS?
MicroShar LOD with genuine Neutrik plug and 99.99% oxygen free pure copper. Cross linked PE insulation. Hand crafted in USA. Lightly used. With original box. Original price $86.   Be noted this LOD doesn't support iPhone. It works great on iPod classic (and older version iPod video). Should be fine on shuffle too. I'm not sure about iPad though.   $22 shipped Australia wide. Worldwide...
    Stride + RC SE530, which is changed to 9Wave when no need for a seal
I have two similar USB A-B cable, but need one proper USB A to Mini B cable for my portable Dac. Letting go the Furutech GT2 cable. It is 0.6m and in mint condition. It's been hooked up for less than 20hrs. It costs around AUD$130 here in Down Under. Looking for a comparable grade USB A to Mini B cable, better not be long because I'll use it for portable.   Let me know if you are interested.
I got a ADL Stride recently, which drives my RS1 really good, in my opinion, on par or even better than RA1 (in memory). Not sure about SR125 but it won't be bad. However the Stride is not made for sensitive IEMs. On my SE530, the hiss at quieter background and gaps is almost unbearable. So if you use the combo for both SR125 and other IEMs, it's not a good option. Also, it's not cheap, depends on your budget.
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