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Not bad for a portable rig.  ;) 
That's great that we compare how they sound with different amps, but sources matter too. 
What does it matter if it was 30 or 300?  Since we're talking about headphones, our ears would should give out before cooking something...
Why?  My understanding is that the adapter is only really needed for tube amps...to compensate for the HE-6's impedance.
I've used a few different alcohol based cleaning solutions and never had an issue when cleaning colored vinyl.
You should be using Deoxit Fader Lube on noisy controls, not regular Deoxit.   Why wouldn't you let them go over the amp?  You'd rather take your chances with a time bomb? 
CDs and hard drives aren't indestructible either. 
I believe we'd get along.   
You may want to do some research and see how hard Babylon's shore was hit by Hurricane Sandy.
Wyred 4 Sound mINT will drive it from either the headphone output or speaker output, but they will sound better from the speaker output. 
New Posts  All Forums: