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Quote: Originally Posted by AnaKinDV8 I'd like to share my 225 make-over... Drivers extracted and re-housed in wood chamber. Blu-Tak mod.. GS-225 from the South East. Hey Bro, I'm also Filipino and I have an SR225 as well. Can I send my cans so you can do the mod for the woodie? also maybe you can reqire it for portable use. Let me know. Thanks Nino
225 for value for money! But in terms of being the best (money not an issue) would be RS1...haven't heard the PS though
hands down 225s! Best Grado value for money wise
Quote: Originally Posted by scott_d_m I have a similar problem with buzzing when I use the line-out of the d3 connected to my MAD Ear HD2. Just for the record I don't even own a cell phone. You mean you connected the MAD to the D3 headphone out (output)? I think you should try to connect it to the line in (input) since you are using the D3 as a DAC only. HTH
Does anybody know any shop who recable grado cans? Haven't asked Jaben though.
Hi guys, Just auditioned the two amps today. I liked both with my SR225. I'll be buying the RS1 in the future so I just want to get a ss amp first. the V8 is a little more expensive. I also plan to get a different can in my set-up, HD650 or 701 prolly. With these plans, do you think the ECSS is the favorable route, since I also plan to get high impedance cans? Woo6 is will be my tube amp in the future. Thanks,
D3 goes for SGD 300
Quote: Originally Posted by milesandcoltrane Has anyone tried the Petite with the Senn HD-25? This amp looks right up my alley, especially given the price. I'm split between this, the iBasso D3/2 or the Corda 3Move. Same here, D3 or petite dac amp?
Hi guys, been using my SR225 as portable for about a month now. I think i'll stick with these and have them recabled once I finish my home/desktop rig - with an RS-1. I really can't stay away from the grado sound and the big sound of headphones. Although it leaks and does not provide great seal, the sound it gives me for portable use is still manageable. To each his own probably. Thanks guys!
This is also my first audiophile / value for money cans. I use it now with my ipod 5.5g unamped and it sounds really great, especially with 256 AAC or ALAC. Straight from my macbook, they still sound great though a little thinner than with the IPOD. Tried them with ipod and D3, the bass was tighter and has more impact and kick. Honestly, now i want to recable them as my portable phones...RS-1 for the home rig definitely one grado series that i will not sell, probably
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