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Is the 14th the official release date?
I got the um3x and coppers. The coppers were muddy and not very clear without eq. The um3x is definitely an upgrade but sounds very similar to the ba200. It is warmer and more mid forward.
I think the um3x have slightly more bass or at least equal bass quantity to the ba200. The um3x is slightly more forward in the mids than the ba200 is. The ba200, although still warm and smooth, sounds a little more neutral (and slightly thinner) overall. The um3x is indeed an upgrade.
Where can I buy the fiio x5 for a good deal? If it is proper then PM me. Thanks!
I know the X3 have a bass and treble boost equalizer, but the X5 has a 10 band graphical equalizer. Does the X3 now have more band equalizer under latest firmware update? If not, any solutions for the X3 to have a multiple band eq?
Hey Cn11 I sent you a PM? Did you get it?
I'm thinking of trying the 846. Can someone comment on the placement of the midrange (slightly recessed, neutral, slightly forward, or forward). Can someone also comment on the clarity of the midrange (compare clearness to se530, um3x, fx700, ba200, or re262) Finally, is the midrange smooth, slightly grainy, etc? Thanks in advance.
Thanks, I just saw a review on the Noble 6. It doesn't seem to have the bass impact I'm looking for. So where are the mids located on the 846 or 334? Recessed, slightly back, neutral, slightly forward, or forward?
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