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where did you order them?
Where are they on sale at? Where did you get yours from?
I agree with you, although this is through some songs. The treble could be a little more smoother but it all depends on what is being listened to.
Anyone heard this two headphones? I would like to see a comparison between the two. They are similarly priced.
Hp 50 is very neutral and balanced. I haven't heard the mt220
far from it. They are on the warmer side of things. Nice punchy bass, Very clear, smooth, with good Soundstage for a closed can. Ate you looking for something with a lot of bass or something with treble energy?
This is the truth. I have both. The m50x sounds great for it's price point. But in comparison to the hp50 it sounds like an amateur headphone (bass isn't as tight, more closed in, midrange is flat and more recessed). One thing, the hp50 amped with the fiio e12 with bass boost on (for some songs, not all) gets an 8 in my book. Just amping it gives it at least a point more IMO.
You either need burn in time or yours is a lemon. I have the m50x and hp50. I had the m50x before I got the hp50. At first the m50x sounded great, good bass, very clear, etc. But when I got the hp50 I first thought they were bass light and didn't like them. After awhile everything improved (maybe my brain adjusted?). I'm telling you that the hp50 sounds so good now that the m50x sounds absolutely horrible to me (veiled and flat and less clear and compressed in a can...
Can someone please compare these to the fidelio x1. Midrange, soundstage, clarity, brightness, comfort, and bass
TBH it doesn't matter. They can leak or not, I won't be disturbing anyone lol. Just want the sq, soundstage, and comfort.
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