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Has anyone tried the jvc fx1100 or even the fx750? If so then then how do those compare to the ckr10 or ckr9?
The problem with this iem is that there are no comparisons to similar priced iems. Comparisons to fx750 or fx750 Comparisons to ckr10 other ckr10 Comparisons to ie8 or tdk ba200 or tf10 Or any other iem near the same price range.
Any comparisons to the fx750?
Yes, but I forgot that I have a lot of great headphones already (over$1000 worth). Either I would have to get rid of them or the companies would have to create a removable lightning adapter for them. I use my phone as my sole music source. But if companies create lightning cables for all the older great headphones then I'll get the iPhone 7.
I would never buy a phone without a headphone jack unless almost all headphones become wireless and the wireless technology is lossless. With that said. I wish there was some comparisons to some popular iems. Such as jvc fx series or ie80 or even ckr10
Any comparisons to any jvc iem Such as fx750,fx850, fx1100?
Can you post or send me the link to the fx750 graph? When I go to the goldenear site it only shows the fx850.
Can someone rank the Soundstage size of these iems on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is the largest. Fx850 Fx1100 Fx850 Ie8(or ie80) Ckr9ltd Thanks.
Any comparisons to the fx850 or ckr10 (or even ckr9)?
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