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I would also like to know how does the s5 compare to the iPod touch 5g and iphone 5s.Anyone?
Hey guys. Does the iPod touch 5g sound as good or better than the iphone 5s? Is it as loud? Thanks.
Thanks! I finally got the m100 and absolutely love them. The only problem I have is long term comfort, even with XL pads. Other than that they are almost as clear as the NAD HP50 but with more bass. Yes the midrange isn't as forward but at least it appears level to my ears. I really enjoy the bass for music that thrives on it. For acoustic, classical, etc. The v-moda m100 is only so so. It all depends on what you listen to really.
anyone?Clearness, bass, soundstage, and 2 hour comfort comparison?
I just got the v-moda m100. They sound great for most types of music. Much clearer than I thought they were going to be (I initially thought they would by slightly muddy). And this is from someone coming from the NAD Viso HP50. Anyway they are just a tad bit uncomfortable after an hour or two of wearing them, even with the XL pads. The NAD Viso is more comfortable but doesn't look good on the head and doesn't seal well under the ear (the very bottom of the ear cups loses...
I have a few questions regarding Audio output power.   First question: I went to sonystore to preorder a Sony nwz-a17. I seen that the audio output power is 10 + 10 mW. Is this a total of 20 mW (10mW for left and 10mW for right ear) and what load was used?   Second question: I went to Anandtech site and read the review of the iphone 6. It listed various audio output powers, all using a 33Ohm load HTC M8 as 47.63mW, iphone 6 as 26.39mW, and Galaxy S5 as 10.63...
Thanks! Can you rank the soundstage size from highest to lowest?
I'm also anxious to know to.How does viper on s5 compare to htc m8 (especially in soundstage) or iphone 5s, or iPod touch 5th gen?
Quick comparison on sound quality and comfort of v-moda m100 vs. t51p/I anyone? Source = galaxy s5 or iphone 5s or ibasso dx50 Music= hip hop, jazz, r&b, pop, rock, electronic Uses= on the go
Yes, I have some headphones that have treble peaks. I really wish this device had a parametric eq.
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