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Have you heard the X1 before? If so then do you feel the same way about it?
They cost the same. Any sound comparison on these two? Which one is more comfortable for long listening sessions? Compare the mids (which is more clear and present)? Compare the soundstage (which is more wider)? Any headphone graphs?
Does the x2 have deeper and tighter bass than x1?
I love the vinyl plus so much. I listen to a lot of headphones (m100, studio 2, NAD VISO hp50, fidelio x1, denon ad600-ad2000, etc) and these are definitely one of my favorites. Bass level is about right (a little more lower bass is welcome), the midrange is great, treble is good, comfort is ok (after a little break in), and looks fairly good on the head. These are so much better than the ufo u plus model. The bass on those are much stronger but the mids aren't as clear...
Great review Mark! Thanks. I think the vinyl should sound a lot better. It has enough bass and good mids and clarity. How do you view the mids of each? Are they recessed with the Victory? Are they just as clear and detailed? I enjoy the vinyl a lot. It's a lot better than the UFO U plus.
Can't wait for the victory review. I'm either getting it or the vinyl
I heard that the victory were more balanced (less bass) and better sounding than the vinyls and all other bluedio headphones.The ufo plus (not the orginal ufo) had the strongest bass (tightest) of all the bluedio but still was amazingly clear (unlike the ufo) and was a close 2nd.In other words, both make the original ufo sound like garbage. I talked to a reviewer who owned all of them and they said the victory sounds the best (over the vinyl and ufo plus). I own the ufo...
Great review. I'm very curious about the new Ufo plus and the V (victory). Many good reviews on them. Maybe you can review both? Have you tried the 3d surround mode for movies on any of these (Bluedio headphones) yet?
We are discussing objective audio quality, not subjective. Anyone can say a distorted phone sounds best to them subjectively. Did you know that some of the phones you listed color the audio when headphones are attached, making them sound subjectively better? For example some bump the 50Hz region up to give an impression of tighter bass and more punchiness. This makes certain music sound better than a completely flat response.The note 5 has one of the cleanest and most...
There is only one note 5 variant. It's the exynos version.The measurements are the sum of it all. Otherwise, it is subjective and without any science at all. For example, some phones boost the 50hz region when headphones are inserted. This makes some headphones sound better (more bass). But this is cheating with an eq.A clean signal with no distortion, no stereo leak, and no added color, etc is what we should judge by for objectivity.
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