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The xl pads are good and to me an upgrade. I wish v-moda would go further and make them even softer (like that on the denon's). They are still a little too hard. Maybe use memory foam? idk. I would gladly pay more for an even more comfortable and softer earpad.
I did what you said, bend them past level, and it worked. A lot less clamping force. More easier on the ears. Thank you so much.
I'll try that. Thanks!The clamping force is too much on my ears after a while. Ears get a little sore and need a break after awhile.  I just wish they had that type of comfort where you forget they are on your head after awhile. That would have been awesome.
I have the xl pads yes. I attempted to loosen the headband but I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly. I never read or saw instructions on how to do it.The v-moda is excellent sounding. I just hate the comfort tbh.
I have the v-moda m100 headphones for portable use and they are excellent. I love the bass (perfect amount) and the clarity of the midrange. I only wish they were more comfortable (even with the xl pads) after long listening sessions. With that said, I decided to get some bluetooth headphones. I listen to hip-hop, r&b, some jazz and singing (like Sade), techno, and some rock.   I listened to the beats studio 2 in the applestore. They sound very good. They just a tad...
Do these sound the same? If not then which sounds better and what are the differences?   Finally, what other wireless headphones are great in sound quality. I listen to hip hop, r&b, some jazz, some rock, techno   I like bass (but with clarity). I have the v-moda m100 and think they sound great. They are not wireless though and I wish they were a little more comfortable (they irritate after 1 hour of use).
So the bass is deeper on the d600s and more visceral? Really?So that would mean the d600 beats the m100 in almost everyway (except looks for going outside). What about both the midranges and also clarity and details? How do they compare?
Why do you prefer the bass of the D600 more? Many say the m100 has the better bass, but D600 has better comfort and maybe soundstage (is that true?).
I would also like to know how does the s5 compare to the iPod touch 5g and iphone 5s.Anyone?
Hey guys. Does the iPod touch 5g sound as good or better than the iphone 5s? Is it as loud? Thanks.
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