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I recently did a 2 month comparison between the Geek Pulse Xfi, Lynx Hilo, Audio Note 2.1 Rev B and a Wyred for Sound uDac through my BHSE and Stax SR-007 Mk I. I think DAC differences are very subtle and it was difficult to tell one from the other but at the end of the day I preferred the Audio Note with its AD1865N chip. There is something about the AD1865N that makes everything sound more organic.
Keces DC-115 DC Regulated Power Supply I used to power a Squeezebox and a ALIX MPD device. Provides one outlet with 5V and another with a switchable 12V or 15V outlet. I do not have the power adapters for this but they can be ordered online. It's in great shape with a few light scratches in the acrilic top.
I have a pair of broken Sennheiser RS220 Wireless Headphones. The power button will light up for a few seconds and then go out. New batteries do not solve the problem. They have always been finicky to turn on since I bought them and now Sennheiser won't repair these headphones anymore. They are in great shape with very little wear. Includes headphones, base, AC Adaptor and box. The $25.00 charge is just to cover my shipping. Sale to CONUS only.
Magnepan Mini Loudspeaker Model DW-M system in mint condition. I bought these in late 2013 and could not get them to sound good in my small office. These need to be out from the wall at least 1 foot and I could not do that in my office. I thought I might use them elsewhere but that didn't happen so now they are up for sale. These speakers are in mint condition with less than 20 hours of listening. Buyer pays UPS Ground shipping with a 31X13X24 inch box at 42 pounds. Sale...
I received my Geek Pulse Xfi on May 1st and have been evaluating it since comparing to a Audio Note 2.1 DAC and a Lynx Hilo. The headphones were mainly Hifiman HE-6 through an Audio Note HE-6 amp and Stax 007 through a BHSE. First off my buying experience during the kickstarter campaign was a little frustrating. It seemed every month there was a new feature that was offered that appeared to offer a good value but after a while I decided enough was enough and stopped buying...
I copied the following details from a previous Head-Fi sale of this amp because it summarizes it really well:   Selling a 1+ year old Opera-Consonance M10S, a SE Class A integrated tube amplifier with an excellent headphone output...Mated with my LCD2.1 and HE-6 very well. Not suitable for IEM's due to excessive hum.   Original owner, selling to fund other upgrade. Mint condition, comes with stock tubes and all original boxing material. Upgraded tubes from first...
Wyred 4 Sound uDac USB DAC with an ESS Sabre chip. This is the uDac and not the uDac-HD. Small sized DAC that I bought for testing 3 years ago and then never used again. It works perfectly and is in excellent condition. Price includes Paypal fee and shipping. Sale is for CONUS buyers only.
For sale is my beloved Hifiman HE-6 headphone I bought new in late 2011. Included in the sale is a recently purchased 5ft Moon Audio Silver Dragon 4-pin XLR cable along with the original cable which is starting to oxidize and turn green. I have the original box. There is a small paint wear above one of the earpads by the band where I set them down but are in excellent shape otherwise. I consider these the best headphones I own other than my Stax 007 with BHSE. The only...
Audeze LCD-2 Rev 1 planar headphones with Moon Audio Silver Dragon 5ft 4-pin XLR cable ($300) in excellent condition. I bought these in 2010 and barely use them. I prefer the Hifiman HE-6 and these were just sitting in a drawer unused so I decided to let someone else enjoy them. Comes with the original wood box. Paypal add 3%. Shipping via UPS will be a flat $20.00. Sale is limited to CONUS only.
Practically new Geek Pulse Xfi with femto clock upgrade and LPS. I bought this with one of the Kickstarter campaigns, waited patiently and now after comparing to my other DAC's I have decided to sell it. Excellent condition with all cables including the Lightspeed USB that I received with it. Paypal add 3%. Shipping will be a flat $20.00 in the original boxes. Came with extended 2-year warranty. I will ship to CONUS only.
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