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I recently purchased a Audio Note kit 2.1b built by digitalpete. I have a Lynx Hilo to compare with and think the Audio Note is as good or slightly better than the Lynx. DAC's are so close in sound it takes some effort to really distinguish one form another but I definitely prefer the Audio Note to the Hilo. I agree with Frank's comment about analog presentation being a trademark of the Audio Note DAC. 
  Just to offer another opinion I think the SED's are a great match with the BHSE. I currently use the Psvane EL34PH in my BHSE but I don't hear a big difference as others claim. If I hadn't already purchased the Psvane's I would be perfectly happy with the SED's or a NOS quad of Amperex XF4 I got for $200.00.
  How is the HE adaptor a bottleneck? 
  My Pioneer A-27 Integrated that I had Hamad from Amplifier Surgeries rebuild and the HE-6 are a special combo as well. I'm very happy with this setup.  
  I used the XLR Rothwell attenuators between a Audio Research VT-70 tube amp and a RSA B-52. I heard no loss of sound quality and they worked well in my application. 
  Hopefully this will drive the HE-6 nicely. I'll have it by the end of next week.
  I can't tell the difference between various EL34 tubes in the BHSE. I can hear EL34 differences in other amps such as my Consonance M10S where the Mullard XF2 reign supreme. I'd try the Psvane EL34PH in my M10S but I'm too afraid to pull them out of my BHSE for fear of center pin breakage so they will stay there until they spark and break (hopefully not soon as another reported).
Almost brand new Decware Taboo MK III Headphone Amplifier I ordered in February, 2013 and received in June, 2013. This amplifier has the following options added:   Contemporary Cherry Wood Base - $50.00 Teflon VCAPS Capacitors - $200.00 4-Pin Balanced XLR Jacks - $50.00   This amp is in perfect condition with no scratches. It isn't even really broken in yet.   My total cost including shipping was $1832.02. I am looking for SOLD including shipping and Paypal fees to the...
  I owned a Atma Sphere S-30 MK II for over a year and for a time it was my preferred setup for the HE-6. I used a Audio Research LS26 preamp and DAC7 to feed the Atma Sphere. This combo was very fast and detailed and brought out the best of what the HE-6 does. I decided to scale down my system and get something that fits on my desk so I switched to a Consonance M10S headphone amp which drives the HE-6 well.
  The pins are rough and unfinished which may have accounted for me pulling a little harder on the base when removing the tube and the center pin snapped off. A little unexpected from a $399.00 quad of tubes.
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