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Why go for 1.5TB when 2TB is already available?
Definitely go for the headphone 1st. You will notice the differences far more when changing headphones compared to most amps and DACs. Of course there are amps and DACs that will make sonic differences, but they are usually far less noticeable than when changing headphones. IMHO... Dale
Cool article! If I had the money and the time I'd love to upgrade my old LW5 and learn how to use the new version. Oh well, one can't have too many hobbies. Then again, listening to some light classical via my X3 while learning might be a fun way to merge two hobbies! Dale
 Only your ears can tell you this answer. Of course it's possible that using the CPU cores to both decode music and simulate a USB controller at the same time COULD cause issues to arise, the newer CPU architectures used in these devices seem fast enough. Again though, it all comes down to how your brain and ears perceive the output. The result for the X5 (and X3) is positive for many of us, but only you can make the decision for yourself. Dale
 Using Lightwave 3D to design it? Haven't seen much mention of that software these days. Regardless, to keep on topic, have you actually had one of these stands printed? I'd be curious to see what the actual result looked like. Dale
 That's kind of disappointing to hear... I've been planning on ordering a GS-X but reading this is making me a little anxious. I'll admit that I'm still disappointed that Headamp didn't answer my phone calls or emails when I contacted them about a replacement battery for my Pico DAC/amp. It didn't matter - eventually I was able to source a battery locally and I just had to change the connector by cutting it off the original pack and soldering it onto the new one. That's...
 As mixx said above, just leave the HE-560 stock cable connected at all times.The connectors aren't that bad - we use SMC connectors in a lot of the medical devices I work on, but usually they are attached with some removeable Loctiite and using an open-end wrench like the one in one of my previous posts. I know that a lot of users don't have any concerns or problems with the connector but even manufacturers of SMC connectors recommend using a wrench to tighten them to the...
 There already is one... sort of... it's been dedicate to changing the op-amps in the X3 to achieve a different sonic signature: FiiO X3 mod - AD8397 to AD8620 Not sure if ClieOS wants to make it a general mod thread. Dale
 Can you provide us with more details on exactly what was done (including part numbers)? I see some white wire jumpers and assume those are all required for the mod (so you can address the extra memory). Thanks... Dale
Cute: I hope you don't mind this but.....   Fellow Head-Fi/HE-560 forum readers: I would like to donate some money towards buying Cute a replacement pair of HE-560s. Fighting cancer is tough enough, but having to sell off the things you own to pay medical bills just doesn't sit right with me. No one should have to do that. Perhaps it's because I'm Canadian and our public healthcare system takes pretty good care of us, albeit much more slowly than that of the US....
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