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I know I can. So I don't see why Nhan couldn't. ;)
I disagree. I'd rather the cliqfold than bluetooth. Both would be ideal. Smaller storage is more important to me than no wires. Which is why I'm considering the Momentum wireless over M-100 wireless. I have the XS and the M-100s.
Discounting is totally different from a giveaway. 
I'm giving it a shot. I got nothing to lose and only a nice new pair of IEMs to gain. 
 The store I used to work at allowed you to bring your own source and try any headphone on our headphone wall. We had people come in all the time with their portable stacks. Really to make a decision about a headphone you really need your own music and your own source that you are familiar with to make a final decision.
So I just came into possession of a D-303. I got a universal adapter, and plugged it in. It worked last night but today the sound is completely distorted when the adapter is plugged in. I confirmed it working with other devices. Could a capacitor have blown? If so why is the battery power working flawlessly?
1) Red is right, blue is left (I'm pretty sure this is a universal thing)2) Shure have a ridiculously narrow bore (unless we are talking below SE215, in which case I have no idea), so I'd have to say Westone. (Someone feel free to correct me if those match say the SE112 or something)3) That is up to you. I have two pairs from the kickstarter. Blue/black cable work out pair and a Silver/Black Cable with inline mic for everyday carry. I don't think these will break easily,...
I should be there.
I feel like I got lucky with my black cables, granted they have decent memory, they are very pliable. Though I don't think they are AS pliable as the white, I've never had an issue, I suspect it is because of the sheathing. 
  Don't underestimate Apple's willingness to push high-priced adapters until adoption is up. 
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