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I should be there.
I feel like I got lucky with my black cables, granted they have decent memory, they are very pliable. Though I don't think they are AS pliable as the white, I've never had an issue, I suspect it is because of the sheathing. 
  Don't underestimate Apple's willingness to push high-priced adapters until adoption is up. 
 How in the world did that happen? I work at a Guitar Center and we just got our Demo M-100 headphones. The box has a HUGE white sticker that says  DEMO on it. The cable is glued in and the shields say "DEMO" on one side. Either someone put a demo headphone in a nondemo box (which means you would have had an open box (not to mention the box is already open)) or someone was an idiot. They are Z-Coded too (meaning the hard min is $10,000) and can't be sold. 
Congrats Dale. And hey, I can ask my Fender rep if I can get any deals on them. 
Lack of the folding mechanism is why I haven't already bought them
I'd still contact Aurisonic support. You might not be covered under the original warranty due to being a second owner but they still might be able to help you
 I usually think the same, which is why when I first got my initial set I did burn them in every night for 2 weeks (pink noise, frequency sweep, white noise, silence repeat). Then used them as normal continuing to burn them in. When I A/Bed the two and found nominal differences in sound at best, I decided it wasn't worth the time. Perhaps it is the fact that this is a microdriver, or perhaps during QC they were already properly burned in. Or perhaps, for me, the only burn...
 Honestly.... I don't think they need burn in. I had my original Kickstarter set without mic for months (thousands of hours of burn in), When I got my set with mic I tested them side by side and heard no difference or at least no difference that I could hear.
 That is so very tempting... I might bite, I need to see how my finances are, but that's a good price for an IEM that I was very fond of when I owned them.
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