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 Red/Blue wire is just the stock cable. Black cable was a kickstarter exclusive, has nothing to do with how new or old it is. When I get my mic'd version it will be grey with black cable. And it will be just as new as any of the others.
 I haven't used these as stage IEMs, and while I don't think they'd perform poorly, I don't think they'd be optimal either. Even with the anti-loops, they are only acting as an anchor to keep it from rotating, it doesn't do much to keep the wires over the ear to mitigate the microphonics. That being said, adding a pair of ear guides with the antiloops I don't imagine they'd go anywhere on stage. However, I'm not sure the tuning you are looking for, but I imagine they'd...
My current #1 in ear is the Aurisonic Rockets. They do better in vocals, but are less fun. But in terms of technicality are superior. So it's a give and take. But overall they are a fine (and durable) IEM.I still miss the sound of my HJE900s though :(
Well it looks like after I have some cash I'm going to see if I can't change my ASG-2s over to ASG-1+s. That one line sealed it for me.
 One of the first videos Aurisonics did of people reviewing the demo model was of a biker, who said they were great. As I don't ride, I can't say myself, but I can't imagine they'd be at all bothersome under a helmet. 
Listen... I think you guys are confused with what Hasbro is... Hasbro is a toy and board game company. That is what they do. They make and sell toys and board games. The show would not exist if not for the toy line. The show is a vehicle to sell more toys. The show is auxiliary in terms of their business structure. There is no "going overboard" with toy manufacturing for a toy company.
 You realize that is the ENTIRE POINT of the series, right? Like the show wouldn't even exist if it weren't for the toy line. The show is basically a weekly 22 minute commercial for their toys. All the movies? Toy commercials. So griping about them monetizing it is quite literally the stupidest gripe anyone could ever have about the series (as a fan). 
 What options do you have? I got black cable with grey finish. I haven't received any word, but I'm in no rush because I have my nonmic'd.
 Really? I've had no such issues. Though I am actively looking for a better set of cable guides, but the ones I got off of eBay serve me nicely.
 Really the key with choosing based off of reviewer is see what they like or don't like that you have or heard and why. When you get common ground you start to make better decisions based on review. Otherwise you are choosing blindly based on someone else's preferences, no matter how objective they seem.
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