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 That... is complicated... The tips aren't silicone; they are a medical grade thermoplastic elastomer... So they have a lot of similar properties to rubber... Like they are sticky in nature. This causes them to grip your ear and stay in very well. This is usually a good thing. However, like rubber they also expand very easily under heat. So while under regular usage if the tip stays below the expansion point it stays on the housing of the IEM very well, if not... well then...
 Without directly comparing since it has been a spell since I last did a good listening session with RE400s... If anyone wants a completely direct comparison it will take a bit to really give the two a full rundown.Highs: RE400s slightly peakier and slightly better extended. However, the Rockets, though not as extended sound more natural. The Rockets are also far smoother. Neither are particularly fatiguing. The RE400s can get sibilant with the right music, while it seems...
 That is why I'm very happy with the compromise I found in the Aurisonic Rockets. Lightweight, minimalist footprint, great sound AND built like a tank. (Ok less a compromise more a perfect upgrade [for me] for my daily drivers)Also, a total aside I actually find the SE215s to be very comfortable. The only issue I ever had with them was the wire guide... But for me, the RE400s is still the best bang for buck IEM I've ever bought. I got them on sale for $80 including tax....
Looking forward to this. The T10i were fantastic, but not what I was looking for. So here's hoping for the same build with the right sound sig!
Not really for me, since it works perfectly for me, if just a bit stiff
I'm wondering if the button issue is just a flaw of specific units or something that affects all Apple products, because as is, my Mic and button work perfectly on my Nexus 5.
I'm going to try to make it.
 That is because it isn't "Android cable" but "Samsung Galaxy" cable (which I admit is really stupid). However it should still work with most android devices, believe Sennheiser has a compatibility guide
 There is a very high possibility you can. To begin with, the center button works the same on android and on iPhone 9 times out of 10. There is the rare occurrence where the android phone pin configuration is different, but it is so rare that it is almost a nonexistent occurrence. 
 I'd love for him to do a full write up. They seem to be his go to motorcycle IEMs. 
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