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 I usually think the same, which is why when I first got my initial set I did burn them in every night for 2 weeks (pink noise, frequency sweep, white noise, silence repeat). Then used them as normal continuing to burn them in. When I A/Bed the two and found nominal differences in sound at best, I decided it wasn't worth the time. Perhaps it is the fact that this is a microdriver, or perhaps during QC they were already properly burned in. Or perhaps, for me, the only burn...
 Honestly.... I don't think they need burn in. I had my original Kickstarter set without mic for months (thousands of hours of burn in), When I got my set with mic I tested them side by side and heard no difference or at least no difference that I could hear.
 That is so very tempting... I might bite, I need to see how my finances are, but that's a good price for an IEM that I was very fond of when I owned them.
Having gone through many IEMs I can tell you that I worry less about my Rockets than I do about my Shure SE215, Shure SE425 and Aurisonics ASG2. All of which have replaceable cables. The fact of the matter is, that does not make a headphone more durable, it adds an additional failure point. I thought, much like you, that I'd never again buy headphones without user replaceable cables, but I've realized after a year of kicking around the Rockets how silly that was of me. My...
It looks like it will, but I'm unfamiliar with that brand and cable so I cannot say for certain. It does look good to me. Perhaps others can chime in as well. 
 ASG series use a westone 2 pin cable. Any should do. You can shop around... I have a Moon Audio for my ASG-2, I know FiiO makes some. As well as many other manufacturers.
 I use it primarily with my Nexus 5. But when I work out I hook them into my Rockboxed Sansa Clip Zip. Though I occasionally hook it into my Cowon J3 --> Arrow 4G combo.
 The 3 legged thing is an anchor for the IEMs. They keep them from falling out if they get pulled while being active. I have them on my everyday set (partially because they aren't bothering me and I'm too lazy to take them off and they do help if I get snagged)  They are removable, either entirely or to switch out with the antiloops. I prefer them both off for working out, it cuts down on irritation, and I opted for ear hooks which keep them stable in my ears...
 I wouldn't recommend doing that. They are water resistant (note I do not say waterproof, since that doesn't actually exist) to IP65. This means that to get that rating they were sprayed with a low pressure water jet at a certain distance for a certain amount of time. However they have the highest possible dust rating, which is something. But as for water, that is 5/8. So it does NOT protect against complete submersion. It can probably survive OK briefly, but it shouldn't...
So they got battered and drowned and still work? I think you just beat the Gallagher test.
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