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 Well played sir, well played. Was April 1 really 2 weeks ago? Where does the time go....?
 You make me want to spend more money. That isn't very nice eke...
 I just looked them up. And now I'm curious. Where can I get them, or try them out???
I've never had an issue getting in contact with them (save when they weren't in the office). And for me, their service has been stellar. 
 I think it was because it felt like there was less gear this year, and a hole left by HifiMan. But I would certainly agree that during the peak time there was at the very least equal to last year if not more. 
Alright! So I got coverage for tomorrow! I can now cone for the day
So it looks like I can make it, but have to leave around 1. So sadly I'll not be around for the silent auction
Great. Now I need to decide on black or white. I'm leaning on white only to have a bit of variety.
 They are already released?! I really want a pair.
  I'd agree with this assessment. Especially android --> windows (never had a mac to test on). Though that is due to having the same DAC going. From windows to iDevice, I felt it was slightly warmer in tone, but no loss of quality. You still get consistently clean sound from both DACs. I wouldn't seek out an iDevice though, there was a difference but it wasn't major in anyway, not to my ears at least. 
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