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Fun, that will determine if I trade my ASG-2s or not. I look forward to your impressions Eke!
It is indeed Zound, and normally I'd consider that a bad thing, but they have since hired a pretty decent sound technician to tune their headphones for their Marshall line, specifially the FX50 and the Monitors. So they are actually pretty good sonically. And the build for the monitors is far beyond the others (which have plastic hinges which can and do break).
 Tyll measured it. It does make a small difference. Whether you could hear it is another matter entirely, but there IS actually a difference. 
 I will be getting a PS4 and Wii U next year. Why? PS4 has all the games I want coming on it. (Mostly JRPGs, like the newest Tales game) and the Wii U for Shin Megami Tensei v Fire Emblem. At this point I buy systems for games, nothing more. All the games I'd want on XBone I can get on PC...
Mine are still mint aside from some light cosmetic scratches. However I also baby my headphones... 
The cracking issue I'm talking about is one of not even dropping it. Of course a fall from any height can potentially crack the plastic, but from shipment or otherwise it shouldn't happen. Matte black and white seemed to have some issues with that. The shadow had less it seemed. 
 They have some issues with the red tape, but honestly, everything else seems to be less. Especially the cracking issue seems to not occur as much if at all (I have only seen the white and matte have the cracking issue). The headband is certainly the best of the three for the Shadows. 
 I've not tried it with my Clip, mainly because as far as I know, the Clip doesn't have a true line out (especially through USB) which is required to use a DAC/AMP. If you have good enough output through your HO you can pretty easily double amp, but without a LO through a USB DACs are pretty much useless. As there is no way to bypass the internal DAC in those instances. So in this case... the answer is still "no" due to the limitations of the Clip. MAYBE the Fuse would be...
 Few days? They got back to me in a few hours. And were really responsive when I pointed out that they only got one of the Rockets I ordered and fixed it within the hour. 
Vocals on the G2 are addicting
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