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 I actually talked to a Sony PlayStation rep. Apparently the word in the pipeline is that that is only a temporary thing. It will apparently be, ideally matriculated into PlayStation Plus service. They might have limits, but it will not be the current beta pricing. At least I hope not because those prices are insane. Like I could buy a PS2 and buy whatever game on EBay for less than it would take me to play through some of the games I'd want to rent from that service. So...
They are still in the beta testing phase of the streaming service. When that becomes available to the masses it will presumably have all the PS titles for any system able to run it.
Ideas were good, implementation and timing were not. They should have made the online requirement optional if you had stable internet.  
 This is totally true. I test out of habit on my NFB-11. But I'm rather content listening on my Nexus 5. I haven't even tested on my Cowon J3 with Arrow 4G. 
Man, I think this is a first for me... So far everyone is in... general agreement about a phone? I think we may break Head-fi if this keeps up.
It probably wouldn't be harsh to me either if I could keep them in my ears for any length of time without feeling pain or discomfort. However I've been inserting other IEMs deeper as of late so perhaps my ears have become more accustomed to it. Regardless, when compared to the Rockets they can be seen as harsh. But yeah, the most I've listened to ER4s in one sitting is 30 minutes. I really should just buy a pair and slowly get myself used to the, if only to have a DF...
I like the ER4, I just could never get used to the insertion... Perhaps one day I'll give it another go... Also I tend to have headphones that aren't as harsh in the treble as they are. So I tend to prefer phones like the Rockets that are more toned down there but still retain the detail.
IMHO, it more than makes up for it. The RE400s weren't bass monsters to begin with and they are really only a bit more bassy to my ears. But the quality of the bass on the Rockets easily exceeds the re400s. The only thing I wish the Rockets had more of is sound stage. Again, it isn't that they are inadequate, it's that I'm used to bigger sound stages.
Oh! that's a good idea. Let me know how that goes. For right now though. I'm alright without the Red and Blue indicators.
Alright, so after having a few solid hours on these guys and going back and fourth between them and the RE400s I think I have some solid impressions...   The soundstage is more than I expected. Honestly I didn't expect much from the design, small chambers and no breathing hole for the dynamic speaker usually doesn't bode well for soundstage. Happily this was not the case. I listened to quite a few classical albums and some Dr Chesky recordings to test this. While other...
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