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I bought some RCA to balanced cables (Time-Portal cables), connected them to my CD player (RCA inputs) and then to my RP-1000 headphone amplifier (the balanced inputs on the back). I turn both the amplifier's and the CD player's volume up full bolt but I can only just barely hear a noise. I then reconnected my Van Den Hul L & R cables and everything's working again. Oh well I emailed the place where I got the RCA to balanced cables from because maybe there's something...
Because your GS1000's haven't arrived yet maybe they haven't even left the factory or whatever yet. If so you could cancel them and get the others. Maybe you could even send them back as soon as you get them. About my bad timing I just bought the Edition 9 headphones. Oh well I will just sell them and then buy the HD800 and the Edition 8. What about the new Grado one? Maybe that as well
Oh my I wasn't thinking of getting a reply so soon. What about the 9's compared to the 8's (they're probably not even out yet)? If it turns out my Edition 9's are better than the HD 800's then I will sell my Edition 9's to buy the Edition 8's instead.
Alrighty then could you compare the bass of the HD 800's to the bass of the Edition 9's?
I keep on reading about how the mods make the earphones better but what are mods?
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