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"to NEAR it's full potential." Disappointing but anyways is the KGHD SE the same as the BHSE?
Exactly what I want to ask because I'm going to get the SR-009 and don't know what amp I should get to power it. My only concern with the BHSE is the frequency response (5-20,000Hz). Apparently the SR-009 has a frequency response of (5-42,000Hz) and some guy elsewhere said the amplifier should have a better frequency response than the headphones. Because the BHSE's frequency response is lesser than that of the SR-009's would that mean the BHSE can't push it to it's full...
I was going to buy one of those but now I'm not too sure because of the frequency response, 5Hz-20KHz. What's wrong with that? Well I was meant to buy the SR-009 with that amplifier but those things (SR-009's) have a frequency response of 5-42,000Hz. There is a 22Khz difference between the 2 so would it be a good match after all or should I buy an amplifier that can match the frequency response of the SR-009???
Does your wife have any sisters???
You don't like Rudistor do you?
Yeah I already knew the RP1000 wouldn't work for the SR-009 so it looks like I might as well get rid of it. It's just nice to know the SR-009 is balanced and so I don't need to worry about having 2 cables going into the amplifier, at least from the headphones.
Alrighty then does that mean the SR-009 can't be balanced?
Can the Stax SR-009 be recabled??? I ask this because I was going to get the BHSE with the Alps RK50 but when I e-mailed Justin about it he said the 2 ins on the front are for 2 Stax jacks. What are Stax jacks? A L and R? I ask this because Double Helix make balanced cables but theirs have one L and one R. That'll work for the front of my RP1000 but then again it won't work because that's not an electrostatic amp (the RP1000), that's why I need to buy the BHSE and will...
Orpheus HE90. Only because I can't afford those just yet. But then again what about the R10's........ The problem with those as well as the HE90's is more that they're hard to find than the price they're selling for. Has anyone got either one that they're willing to sell?????????
Oh okay... different frequency response. The thing I don't like about the HD800's is that everything sounds so distant but then again it's probably my CD player, amplifier, both or that I don't have them balanced. Oh well Christmas time and I will have a new source, amplifier + those new STAX headphones and hopefully that will satisy me. If not the search continues . Anyway about the guy I know who claims he can get them for a lot cheaper I just have to wait for his...
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