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Wouldn't it be better if the headphones were sitting on your ears instead of all that hair?  
Mine have arrived as well!!! But then again because I've got no amplifier for them I'm about as excited as a blind man with a telescope. Oh yeah and there's only one problem so far... I got this cable with it (SRE-925S, 2.5m) and I thought it was a better cable, a replacement cable or something but it seems as if it's just an extension cable. Oh well I will e-mail STAX or whoever and see if I can send them back. But then again...... I might need them after all. PS: In...
I actually sent away for one of these today and I should get it in a week. Unfortunately I haven't got my BHSE to go with it yet and I don't know what's even happening with that because I haven't gotten a reply to me e-mail (that was a while ago now). I'll give it a little time.
Yeah well because of the price I will just stick with the BHSE and the SR-009. Then there's the coming Egmont 2 or whatever it's called but then again I expect it's price to be stupidly expensive as well . For now I will just focus on selling the RP1000 MKII and buying a better source (CD player).
This is the price I'm getting for it so far- $15,373.71 AUD    
I think salami is made from horse meat. That's at least what I heard. I had an emu pie once and that was crap but it probably wasn't the emu... it was probably just a crap pie.    
How much does the new Rudistor amp cost ? Hopefully it'll be cheaper than the RP-1000 MKII was about 3 years ago . Maybe it was 2 years ago ... Whatever, when I bought it doesn't matter .
-You know you're an audiophile when you order something through the internet and are impatiently waiting for the pick-up slip to show up in your letterbox. So much so you're checking  the letterbox every half an hour and when you open the letterbox there's nothing there but you keep staring at the empty space for 5 minutes just to make sure. Basically the only thing to look forward to in your life is when that pick-up slip shows up. -You know you're an audiophile when...
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