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  Never heard of it, but I'll go ahead and add it.
 FWIR "PT" is a "playable teaser" for a new Silent Hill reboot game. Wonder if it's using AMD TrueAudio...
  I'd go with the Q701. If you prefer a headset, the G4ME One is OK, although the Q701 is better for music and single player games.
 That's exactly what I did.  It's more likely to work on the motherboard me thinks.  The problem with the Xonar was once you flipped it to "headphone" mode, the Xonar software locked it into a 2 channel configuration.  Hopefully a motherboard will let you set it to 5.1/7.1 channels though.
 Dolby Home Theater v4 is the same DSP as Dolby Headphone.  Yeah, the U7 has it, but it doesn't work correctly as you can only feed it 2 channels so it's like pro logic instead.
 What country are you in? The CAL2 is supposedly not as good as the previous CAL.  The HD598 sounds completely different from the CAL anyways (both are on the front page).  You need to know what kind of headphone you want, and what you like to listen to.
I'm all about the Goldeneye 007 for N64.
 Nice. Make sure in the Sound Blaster control panel that the Speakers/headphones tab is set to Headphones, otherwise the DSP won't work correctly.  When you check the speaker configuration in windows it should still show up as 5.1 though. I'd recommend turning the "Crystalizer" off in the SBX panel.
 Try the K712.
My body is ready for the X2.       Very ready.    
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