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FYI, Battlefield 3 is FREE on PC this week. 
Not sure if there is one planned, but the last one was in Westerville.
Axel, did you ever get that Geek Pulse amp with the 3D effect?    I'd be curious to compare it with the iCan to see which 3D effect is better...
Here are a couple K612 impressions:     K612   The K612 is more neutral than the K712, but not as neutral as the Q701 (going off memory).  Signature probably isn't that different than the HD600. When you put the K712 pads on the K612, it becomes warmer than the K712.  So the K612 drivers themselves are actually a little warmer sounding. The K612 is really hungry for volume. Midrange is a bit more forward on the K612 (compared to K712). Compared to K712, it's...
  The Zalman mic isn't that good.  It's not that sensitive.  Use the other mics he recommends instead. Source:  I have one. 
  Yeah, this ^.  Only being able to select 2 channels prevents you from getting the full discrete multi-channel information from your sources. 
I agree about the sennheisers. Well, I haven't heard the HD600 but I've owned the HD650, and IMO it's soundstage isn't really that impressive. But I think some peeps complained that it wasn't up there (being an open mid-fi sennheiser) so I added it.I don't use earbuds, so I am at the mercy of other people's advice there.
It's too bad the Omni doesn't have an optical input.
 It is. The mixamp and DSS both have hissy DAC sections.  At the very least this proposed new device would need a decent "audiophile" grade DAC.  Digital output would add more flexibility for those who want to use their own DAC though.
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