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You can't go wrong with the X1 for $169.99. I'd be very happy with that purchase The K7XX is going to sound extremely similar/identical to the K702 anniversary, which is mentioned and compared heavily to the X1 in this review.
Hi, I'm selling my Fidelio X1 headphones. In excellent condition - I've babied them hard.  Comes with all original stuffs; hard box, cable, adapter, etc.  SOLD!, paypal fees covered.
Fostex TH900 are good...
 I imagine the HD700 would be superior in soundstage and imaging.  The HE400s at least, were decent, but lagged behind headphones like the Q701 in that regard.  I haven't heard the HE400i though.
  The Q701 is a good upgrade from the AD700.  Not really an upgrade in soundstage, but an upgrade in overall sound quality and signature for sure.  I went from AD700 -> Q701 and I was very happy with the upgrade. I think it would be difficult to rank ALL headphones in order from worst to best soundstage, especially as I (and probably no one else) has heard all the headphones on the list.  I think some kind of star rating for the soundstage would be more...
Check out MusicBee. My favorite.Clean and simple, but really powerful as well, if you need
With all the K7XX action going on, does anyone want my custom AKG cable for $10 shipped?    PM me....   It's long, and a bit stiff (no innuendos intended!) but it's really durable.     It's 16' long with Belden shielded 22 AWG twisted cable with extra tough sleeving and a TA3FX mini XLR and Neutrik stereo 1/4" connector with silver solder.  Same as this one.              
The X1 isn't underated. It's a pretty popular headphone. The reason the X2 is hyped is because the X1 was so well received and well regarded.
 I heard they changed the velour material a little on the X2.  Supposedly made it less itchy (not that I had any problem with the X1).  You notice anything different with the velour? Ear cups seem about the same depth roominess inside?
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