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I had a blast the previous time, can't wait for this one!
 It was an honour and a pleasure chatting with you when the meet was ending. Enjoy the rest of your stay here!
Some rough impressions:   Schiit Yggdrasil and Ragnarok   I was told that the Yggdrasil requires a few days to warm up, and it was only powered on at 5am that day, so I expected a somewhat rough presentation with my HD800. Yes, it was a little harsh and rough at the higher frequencies, but the speed, detail retrieval and bass slam were top notch even with only a few hours of use. Yggdrasil is something I'm seriously considering as my next upgrade after hearing what...
Apologies for the few photos from me, I got lazy midway through the event and stopped snapping amidst the sheer amount of stuff to try.   Booths inside the main hall.     Something I was really looking forward to: Schiit Yggrasil and Ragnarok.     This is what we Singaporeans call "poisonous": Headamp Blue Hawaii amp with Stax SR-007 and SR-009 ear speakers.     Lovely Mullard EL34 tubes on the Blue Hawaii.     A great pairing: Headamp GS-X mk2 and...
  Ready for war, whoops I mean CanJam. See you all tomorrow!
I got 4x V-Cap CuTF 0.22uF 300V.
 Good to see you again!  I got a local DIYer to install the caps for me, the V-Caps were bought from VH Audio. They have the option to match pairs or quads of caps.
Normal black-based Mullard GZ34 should suffice. Brimar 5Z4GY is a good start. Few shops here sell 6080 variants so I had to turn to evil-bay.
 Nice! I don't have the LCD-X, but when I borrowed the LCD-2r2 for my WA22, I liked the following tube combinations:Mullard GZ34 metal base, Brimar CV1988 and Tung Sol 7236 or,United Electronics 596, Tung Sol 6SN7GT black glass round plate and GEC 6AS7   I really recommend them. I've only put in two hours so far, and while they still sound slightly veiled, the soundstaging is clearly improved. And despite using "cheap" tubes - Brimar 5Z4G, ITT/Hitachi 6SN7GTB and...
V-Caps in da house. It's going to be a long 240-300 hours of burn in.
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