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Congrats Badas! If you think the Woo with stock tubes sounds great, you'll be in for a treat with NOS tubes.
On the subject of Brimar tubes, I'll try to find the time to do a shootout with what I have. I have the clear glass black base, clear glass brown base and black glass brown base. If I'm up to it I'll throw in the B65 (clear and grey glass) as well.
At a local headphone meet, I let a Crack owner try my GEC 6AS7 on his amp. After warming up for 15 mins and listening for another 2 mins, he promptly turned it off and returned my tube. He told me it was so good that if he listened any more, he would have to empty his wallet and get one himself. I'm still hunting for a rounded-base pair, but I do not look forward to finding out how much they cost now...
Congrats on getting the WA22 and WE422, they are a great combination! What other driver and power tubes will you be using with them?
Pretty good actually. Very detailed and quite neutral. I'm a bit annoyed that the tubes are of different construction though; one has straight slots instead of round holes on the plates, and is shorter than the other. I'm currently speaking to the seller to see if I can get a pair with same construction.
Some funny looking tubes just came in.  
 To be honest I wasn't sure HXD was enabled when I was listening, and I didn't play around with it. Sorry I can't help you there.
 With the three headphones I tried with it, I'd say it's very transparent and detailed with great PRaT. It did not seem to impose any sound signature to whatever I plugged into it. The D100 is an already solid performer, for the MHA100 you get more control over the output impedance and 50W speaker taps. And those gorgeous power meters.   IIRC they were D5Ks.
The Singapore Head-Fi meet was held at Scape on 22nd June. Besides members who brought their audio rigs, we had vendors who were only too glad to showcase their latest and best offerings. I brought a Dynalo amp, desktop O2+ODAC, Audio Technica AD2000, Sony MDR-CD900ST and Astell & Kern AK120.   Now let's have some photos!   First few tables to set up     Little Dot Mk.VIII SE     Tube goodness     Auditioning, start!     Vendors setting...
Want to buy a Dynalo amp, shipping to Singapore, 230V. I'm looking for:   Headamp Gilmore Lite with DPS Sheer Audio HA-006+ Headamp GS-1 with Dynalo+ module DIY builds   Will pay by Paypal. Do PM me any offers with pictures of the amp.
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