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Thats my knife...Kershaw Link.   Its Made in USA and def worth the premium as its built quality is of a knife double its price. has a 420HC steel but very well heat treated i can tell as its edge retention is good.     as i mainly use it for slicing..i prefer droppoint over a tanto.         i like the tactical blackwash look
i work in advertising and the only thing that bothers me was that great companies like Westone undermarket themselves. a great american company
how are you powering them? QC25 def feel underpowered even with my macbook pro unless i use a portable USB DAC.
So W30 arrived.         Will be doing a full comparison review with W3 later but my initial impressions:   2 most important strengths of W30: Stereo Imaging & Refinement across the whole spectrum.   Bass: The bass is very good but more refined than W3 which means I can clearly hear difference between heavy piano keys and drumkits. I can see why many stated bass to be less but its not less, it is more separated and not as one muddy hump. Its def not overpowering...
I tried my QC25 with ibasso 2 boa and man.quite a big improvement ...bass no longer feels thin and vocals come out more.     QC25 def need good amplification ...but at the same time..they sound better on flights somehow on those crappy inflight output jacks.
so mine are arriving tomorrow.  how do W30 perform edm music? is the bass too thin to give feeling of a sub-woofer? W3 had more than enough bass i felt and could have used some refinement without losing emphasis on bass.  i will be mainly listening to these on Cowon j3
thanks. i did read a lot and finally ended up ordering W30. i hope the bass is detailed but not thumpy and exhausting on ears.
price is not an issue..but i wanted something flagship
considconsidering that my other choice is IE80, which has bouncier cables ....i was thinking W30 might be a better choice. i am not a big fan of dynamic IEMs as they compromise isolation and push air into the ears..kinda fatiguing.
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