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have worked part time in kitchen and host dinners for friends and cook a lot for family and friends..   will post pics of some stuff i have cooked later.
ya i sold my HD600 as hadnt used them in years as i travel a lot. checkout used headphones..thats how i used to get hifi stuff during my student life.
ya the earpads are all dirty and old and headband sponge also needs replacement.     thanks..thats the price i am getting
selling my 4 year old senn hd600 as i dont use it much.   whats a good price to expect?   earpads have signs of use but no wear and tear.   is $200 usd a reasonable price to expect?
I dunno many full size open headphones that are as quick as Westone 3.. maybe HD800 with good amps & DAC..but i heard HD800 years ago so I forgot if they had same level of brightness and if they lacked veil.   What I do remember is that Sennheiser IE8 had a very sub-wooferish kind of bass but Westone 3 had the perfect bass levels for me.
you summed it up very well and I would like to add that its a very lifestyle oriented product. I am pretty sure I am gonna be using it very often at work also, with the inline mic and OSX hand off feature, I can listen to music all day and answer calls via my macbook as well
For me, the whole aspect of being able to put any AAA battery was a big advantage, sound definitely has been changed and is more detailed between midrange and low range, you don't get that sense of frequencies are missing when you do casual listening which you get in lot of ANC headphones.You should try trading them in and upgrade.On macbook pro I had to crank up to almost 80%, on iphone 6, I was listening at 60%. portable headphone amp definitely makes them more transient...
did a review of QC 25 finally.   whats funny is that they sound better on my iphone 6 than on my cowon j3. the DSP's on cowon j3 seem to add some artificiality to the sound and bit of distortion as well.
did a review finally...had to def experience them on a long flight :
hi guys,   Did a review on them:   if you commute and travel a lot, they are definitely worth the premium as opposed to other active NC headphones.
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