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I have picked up an asian girl in my college days by initiating a convo about ibasso d2 boa stuck to my 5th gen ipod friend still makes fun of it till date.
the whole frequency range marketing bs is just like the 5 blade bs used by shaving mass population..the numbers communicate better quality. if u look at sony consumer range headphones..their $50 earphones can outperform every audio equipment in the world on paper
I have Westone 3 and recently auditioned W4R ....i wouldnt mind upgrading to W4R and i loved them...though personally i am saving up for my custom iem upgrade.
any of you post on watchuseek forums?
i have always loved getting the best equipment even if i dont intend to use it professionally.   started off with those sleek sony behind the neck headphones because i just found them to be so aesthetic.. my first headphones that i actually paid for ...used them with my sony discman around year 2004.   then i started doing some djing and  sound mixing at home and realized i needed headphones which have good bass for monitoring the beats.   ended up getting...
been using westone 3 for years now and so much that my hd600 were lying unused and almost decided to sell them but realized then i will regret it.   now i have auditioned westone 4 and immediately i noticed that they dont suffer from that sibilance and have a more refined sound imaging.   but then i tried some JH customs (forgot the exactly model but they cost less than $800) with universal tips (some audition model).   I made a mistake because i had kind of...
morning and night
interesting thread lol
avicii - levels on Westone 3.   cant think of a better iem for EDM
i travel a lot these days and cannot carry my hd600 around with all the full size amps.   so looking for open headphones which are more compact and can run with a portable ibasso amp.   any suggestions?   or am i being too ambitious?   closed will also do but i dont want very muddy bass.   Westone 3 do the trick but i want something for Movies primarily....HD555 which i sold off are a good option but something more compact or with better...
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