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I believe I got mine for ~$90 from a fellow forum member, but $140 is still a good price compared to retail.  It should be a very substantial upgrade over your older X-Fi when it comes to music.
Neither of them have particularly good DACs.  It's the higher end model in each series that has the good DAC (X-Fi Titanium HD, Sound Blaster ZxR).   But what you can do is get an external DAC (NOT a USB model), and then run the Digital output from your current X-Fi to the external DAC.  You would get great game processing AND great music output.
I have always run my Titanium HD at 100% Volume when playing music.  When I first got it, I did extensive back and forth comparisons with my EMU 0404.  Both the EMU 0404 and the Titanium HD had identical output levels during testing, with both at 100% volume.  If 100% was +16dB on the Titanium HD, I don't think that would be the case as that would represent a fairly substantial difference in output.
It shouldn't be much different.  WAV files are basically just CD tracks.   But why not ALAC?
I'm currently using an X-Fi Titanium HD.   I like it, but I'd also like something cheap that lets me get back into tube swapping.  I was looking at the Aune T1, and that is about the price range I'm looking at, but I was disappointed that USB is the only input for the DAC.  Ideally, I'd like to continue using my X-Fi Titanium HD and simply run the digital output from that card to whatever DAC I get.
It's fully possible to have 7.1 surround sound via headphones.   Headphones only have two speakers; you also only have two ears.  It is the way in which the audio is presented to your ears that creates the illusion of surround.
The ZxR is a fantastic card for music playback, with a very high quality DAC.   You might also keep an eye out for the X-Fi Titanium HD.  It's the immediate predecessor to the ZxR but uses essentially an identical DAC.
I have a pair of DT990-Pro 250ohm headphones.  I love them but it feels like I'm running them right on the edge of their capabilities.  I often have to turn the volume down to avoid over-excursion of the headphone drivers.  I use a Yamaha C-80 Stereo Preamp from 1984 as a headphone amp and it has a VERY powerful headphone amplifier, such that all of my little-dot units were almost immediately retired when I got it.  Now my C-80 works these DT990's like a $5 whore.   The...
Instead of rebooting, have you tried simply restarting Patchmix DSP?   The 0404 PCI won't put out any sound unless everything is working okay with Patchmix DSP.
  No one is talking about preventing them from selling anything.  That doesn't mean a consumer who wants to make an educated purchase has to spend $140 for a different color of plastic on the outside of the headphones either.   Aesthetics is a good reason, but is it a $140 reason? I personally prefer the industrial look of the Pro versions.
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