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 You might check out the DT770 Pro.
The X-Fi Titanium HD has a pretty amazing DAC onboard.  I have tried a number of others and always come back to it.  The main issue is the card being inside the computer, makes it more susceptible to background noise, electrical interference, etc.  That doesn't mean that will always the case though, and if it's not an issue in your current setup then I would suggest simply going with the X-Fi.  Also keep in mind that Creative isn't just a "game company".  EMU is also a...
Foobar2000 can play those files via a plugin.  You can then use Foobar2000 to convert into WAV, or directly into FLAC if you have it setup.
Did you check this thread yourself to see which they more closely resemble?  http://www.head-fi.org/t/510110/sony-mdr-v6-counterfeit-comparison-thread-w-pics   Personally, I see a few red flags.   Legit MDR-V6 headphones that are made in China will say "Made in China", as Sony does actually has a factory there.  Legit MDR-V6 headphones don't come out of China saying "Made in Thailand".   Legit MDR-V6 headphones have almost no wrinkles in the headband, yours has quite...
I like my DT990 Pro 250ohm headphones a lot.  I've had them long enough that I'm on my 3rd set of velour pads now.  I power them using my Yamaha C-80 Preamp (~1984) and it works great.   I've built up my stereo over the years (mostly vintage components) to the point where it sounds quite good now.  Problem is, my stereo & speakers now sounds so much better than simply listening to my headphones that every time I am using headphones and hear a song I enjoy, my first...
I am a very happy X-Fi Titanium HD owner, but I have the analog outputs currently running directly into my Yamaha Preamp, which also doubles as my headphone amp.  The times when I've had my computer at a LANparty, etc and had to plug directly into the card to power my headphones, I was less than impressed.  My DT990 Pro headphones are 250ohm though, and that can be tough some cards.
I believe I got mine for ~$90 from a fellow forum member, but $140 is still a good price compared to retail.  It should be a very substantial upgrade over your older X-Fi when it comes to music.
Neither of them have particularly good DACs.  It's the higher end model in each series that has the good DAC (X-Fi Titanium HD, Sound Blaster ZxR).   But what you can do is get an external DAC (NOT a USB model), and then run the Digital output from your current X-Fi to the external DAC.  You would get great game processing AND great music output.
I have always run my Titanium HD at 100% Volume when playing music.  When I first got it, I did extensive back and forth comparisons with my EMU 0404.  Both the EMU 0404 and the Titanium HD had identical output levels during testing, with both at 100% volume.  If 100% was +16dB on the Titanium HD, I don't think that would be the case as that would represent a fairly substantial difference in output.
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