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Joker and Shawn thank you! Wasn't familiar with that website.Googled my ass of here. Amazing, ordered it immediately.Live in the Netherlands so this is perfect.
Thank you joker!Preferably I'd like to get another GR02BE but can't find any retailer still offering it. Would you perhaps know any website still offering it?If not then at least I now know what to get as alternative. So again thank you for that joker!
Dear joker, I am desperately in need of advise from you. A few days ago I lost my beloved GR02 BE IEM. Loved the build quality and sound signature and really want that back. Which IEM would you advise me to replace it with?
Guys, and/or joker, I currently have the GR02 BE in use. I work in a loud environment, and would really like as much isolation as possible. I really like IEM's that can hit sub bass well (I mainly listen dance, house, drum and bass, and dubstep) I love the GR02's sound and it's sub bass is sufficient, but the isolation simply isn't. I have a max budget of $100. Now I read your reviews over and over again, and checked the headphone list and recommendations. Simply put I...
Thank you for your input dnullify. I think the MG5 would be a great IEM for me as far as I read the many reviews. The only problem is that I can't find any webshop selling the MG5 in Europe. Only the MG7 which is beyond my budget. Any tips as to where I might find a webshop selling the MG5 in Europe? Or otherwise another IEM which sufffices?
As topic title states. Looking for a well isolated IEM which delivers a deep, tight and noticeable sub bass. JVC FX500, Hippo VB, and Storm Cyclone pr2 are all examples of bass heavy headphones, but they're all vented, which let's a lot of environmental noise get through. Can someone advise me a IEM which suffices the stated demands (topic title)?
+1 on the application. Like others I miss a GUI. I know theres the Room APP with a GUI but its doesn't directly affect the eq.
It might sound stupid to most Head Fi'ers here, but personally the EP 630 is one of my favorite IEM's. It sounds great and the fact that it's cheap makes things even more fun. I've had a bunch of IEM's, cheap and expensive, and personally the EP 630 is at the top of the list price/quality wise. The isolation of the 630 is better than the GR02 BE (could be due to the vents on the back side of the GR02 monitors), and the clarity of the mids and highs are better. The only...
Totally agree with you. I received the GR02 BE 2 days ago and have been listening to this IEM non stop. Though the bass is great and tight it might be a bit too present, and so undermine the mids and highs slightly. Also the GR02 BE sounds a bit dull. Some people call it warm, but I say it lacks clarity. I also have the Sony MDR ex57 which lacks bass and a wide soundstage, but it sounds tighter and clearer than the GR02.Then again, it is only the question if the clarity...
To be honest, I don't want to go through all that trouble and make that company go through all that trouble. For that money I can almost buy two E10's, or look at a higher segment of IEM's. Besides that I don't feel like going through all that trouble + pay more while the E10 might be less but still suffices my requirements.   If I lived in the US I would've gone with the Airbud though, so a great tip for the US folks around here who like great isolation and sound for a...
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