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Good luck. The first thing you need is plenty of money, as even businesses that ultimately turn out to be successful often lose money for at least a few months first. You need to find a good location at an affordable rent.You need to stock it well with inventory, advertise, and expect to have plenty of unexpected expenses.   If you don't have much retail experience it is best to work for someone else for a few years.   Most smaller retail stores are very...
"I decided to just present my thoughts on the differences between celebrity and audiophile headphones.'   The difference is that the headphones that truly have good sound quality are the ones that real musicians buy.  Take a survey of classical musicians and see which headphones they buy.    You will probably see the brands Sennheiser, AKG Beyerdynamic, and Audio Technica mentioned quite often.   The people here generally have had little of no experience with...
The Sounmagic ES18S is low priced and sounds great.   I have the regular ES18 without the controls.
If you want something that sounds good and is inexpensive, look at the Soundmagic ES18S
What is your budget? If you want something like an Etymotic, then at least tell us why you don't want to buy an Etomotic.  Is the price the reason? I bought the Sony XBA-1, and I find it isolates very well when placed deeply in the ear, with the outer end even with my tragus.The XBA-1 is only around $25 now. The XBA-1P version with mic and controls for iphone is around $35 now. 
What is your budget?  Do you want something that isolates?   Using a portable CD player at the gym is awkward. Many use a $35 4GB Sandisk Clip+ mp3 player. The Clip+ has a micro card slot, so you can add a card and have a huge amount of music(hundreds of CDs) in a tiny player. It has excellent sound quality.
There is the XB60EX.
I like the sound of the Soundmagic ES18. It is only $12 in the US.
Head-fi is often very amusing. Someone suggests a $35 player, and someone else suggests one that is 70x the price!   A question for the OP. How much battery life do you want? If you want long battery life, the Cowon M2 gets 90 hours and is $180.
The XBA-1 is nice. Another suggestion is the Soundmagic ES18. The ES18 with mic is only $16 on Amazon. I have the ES18 without the mic and it sounds great.Those who have the ES18 and E10 say they sound very similar.
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