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Your source seems to exaggerate. Look at this page. Only high quality dark chocolate(70% cacoa or higher) has decent amounts of magnesium.One of the highest concentrations of magnesium in foods is in pumpkin seeds. http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/sweets/10638/2http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/nut-and-seed-products/3066/2
Do you have a flash memory drive that you could put songs on, so you could try plugging it into the truck stereo and see if it works.Either that or a flash memory card and a usb card reader?
Is the connection to the truck via a usb cable, or is there an ipod dock? If it is using the regular usb cable you use to connect the ipod to your pc, then the truck stereo is what is playing your music, and the ipod is just being used as a usb drive. If it is connected via an ipod dock or a special cable, then the player is playing the songs.    I don't own an ipod, however I assume if the player controls don't work while the player is connected, then the truck stereo...
"Can you use the truck radio controls to navigate through songs or folders as is presently can with the ipod?"   Is the stereo in your truck playing the songs, or is the ipod? Some vehicle radios just use an mp3 player like they would use a flash memory drive containing songs. In that case, just get a cheap large capacity flash memory drive to use in the truck stereo.   Some vehicle stereos though have an ipod dock, and make use of the ipod line out, and have the...
The proposed bill for NY had $100 fines, so it would  raise money rather than cost money to enforce.
No comments?
I found this particularly disturbing.   "Kruger cited the December 2010 accident in which a 21-year-old man listening to music blaring through his headphones on a Manhattan street corner was crushed by a truck after he failed to hear the vehicle’s backup signal. "     http://handsfreeinfo.com/distracted-walking-pedestrians-law/   Some other...
I doubt you will find any closed headphone with great isolation that will give you the open sound that open Sennheiser circumaural headphones give. There are headphones that are semi closed, mostly closed but having some openings. This does reduce isolation, but may give a more open sound.    I noticed that of the headphones and IEMs I have, the larger the drivers, the more open the sound tends to be. Of course this is just a general trend, and not all headphones or...
Have you used closed isolating headphones? I can't use them anymore, as my ears overheat much too quickly. Now when I want isolation, I use an IEM(in the ear canal isolating earphone).
An open back headphone won't disturb others unless you are in a quiet place, and they are sitting right next to you. Open headphones will let you hear ambient noise though.  "  The point of having velour instead of pleather earpads is to help prevent ears from overheating.
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