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Five months more have passed, and these problems still haven't been fixed. I hope these finally get fixed. I hope Fiio does a better job on the firmware for their next players. The X1 firmware works properly, however it doesn't have many features(I'm used to using Rockbox which is feature rich). The M3 firmware doesn't even do something as basic as properly playing the songs of an album in track number order.
Songs In The Key Of Life is great, however I like Original Musiquarium 1 even better! I have had both for many years.
Exactly! Putting stickers on a music player is imo like putting sugar in tea.. A Chinese friend told me that some Chinese  become offended if you add sugar to their tea. I of course drink my tea with no sugar added.
I have the Sandisk Clip+(Rockboxed), Sandisk Clip Zip(Rockboxed), Sandisk Clip Sport, Fiio M3, and Fiio X1. The Fiio X1 has the best sound quality and highest power output of these, however at 3.7 ounces it is heavy to comfortably keep in a shirt pocket, and also quite bulky.  Battery life of the X1 is only around 10 or 11 hours. My Fiio X1 stays home. The Fiio M3 is listed at having 24 hours of battery life. It is much smaller than the X1, and only around 1.4 ounces. The...
Bob,have you put Rockbox on your Xduoo X3? if so, have you used any other players with Rockbox?
I am using 320 kbps mp3 files. They are on a class 10  32GB Transcend card. The files were ripped from CD using Windows Media Player. The same files on the same model card play fine in my Fiio X1.Occasionally I get this noise that is loud and sounds like a stuttering of the music when I am using the M3. It happened more frequently with the 1.5 firmware. It only happens sometimes. I  never had it happen when using the X1. The files play out of order when playing some...
I also just experienced the stuttering problem with the 1.7 firmware. Why can't this be fixed? Why can't the player play tracks in order based on track numbers? Why can't this be fixed? I hope there will be a new firmware soon that fixes these issues.
If you want a low priced open headphone, the JVC HAS140 is around $10. Its balance is more towards the neutral side, and doesn't have the warm sound the Sennheiser PX100ii and Koss Portapro have. Imo for the price it is a good deal. I use it while watching tv shows and movies. It is extremely comfortable.
I guess she probably has more pairs of shoes than you have daps. Are all those shoes necessary?
The Fiio X5ii is heavy at 5.8 ounces and bulky. I have the Fiio X1 and like its sound quality, however at 3.7 ounces it is too heavy to comfortably keep in a shirt pocket. I also don't like the fact that the X1 has only around 11 hours of battery life, and the X5ii only around 10 hours. The X5ii is also larger than the X1. Have you considered how you will carry it? In a jacket pocket? a backpack? A hip pouch? My Fiio X1 stays home. I use much smaller and lighter players...
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