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Some people such as myself get overheating ears when using closed headphones, so we use IEMs instead. IEMs are also nice since they can be put in a jacket pocket together with a player when not in use. IEMs are probably on average around half the cost of headphones for the same sound quality, however the headphones tend to last longer.
Imo Bose earphones fall into the category of "super expensive" for what they are.
I like the Soundmagic ES18 very much. It is only around $15.
Is this for use with a phone or a Fiio player? If so, the Fiio EM3 for just $10 is a great bargain. Many have a problem with traditional earbuds falling out of their ears while they are active. For use while active, the JVC HAEB75  has adjustable  rubber ear hooks that will keep the earphones on your ears. The EM3 sounds much better than the HAEB75, as the HAEB75 is bass deficient. When I use the HAEB75, I boost the bass by 10 db on my player's equilizer. Most high quality...
Probably not, unless the volume is excessively loud, or it sounds distorted. Your ears are more likely to be damaged from excessive sound than are most headphones.
IEMs vary greatly as far as comfort, and changing the tips can often make them much more comfortable. IEMs take time to get used to. Initially I hated them. now I like them. The IEMs that I find to typically be the most comfortable are those with an ergonomic design, with the nozzles coming out from near the edge at an angle. Like this one for example. Since the Fiio EX1 is ported though, its isolation isn't great, although the ports improve the sound...
A $2,000 headphone doesn't sound 10 times as good as an excellent $200 one. It might sound around 30% better though. Unless you are extremely wealthy and have great hearing, spending 10 times as much for perhaps a 30% improvement doesn't make sense. That is why I won't spend over $200 for a headphone.
Good soundstage comes from open headphones. Stronger bass impact comes from closed headphones. Which is more important to you? Closed headphones are also likely to make your ears uncomfortably hot, except when used outdoors in cold weather. You might be able to get isolation, good midrange detail, and strong bass, plus okay soundstage from hybrid IEMs(in the ear canal isolating earphones, with a balanced armature and a dynamic driver in each earphone).
"One thing I'm not really happy about is the sound signature. I've got a pair of Sennheiser HD558's at home and they are much brighter and more lifely, whereas the Philips is a bit more on the bassy side."   That is the difference between closed and open headphones. A closed headphone sounds closed in and typically has stronger bass, while a good open headphone typically has much better soundstage, and better midrange detail. If you want isolation, more midrange detail,...
I didn't see what I was looking for. I liked the Fiio X1 V1 plus the EX-1 for $100, but missed that deal. It would have been nice if you convinced your US dealers to offer it for black Friday, or to offer the X1(II) for $80. Last year for black Friday I got the X1 V1 plus a free 32GB card for $80. I haven't found any enticing deals so far for black Friday, so I might wait for president's day weekend Feb 18 to 20 2017 to get some good deals. It seems like this black Friday...
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