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I use the JVC HAEB75 while i am active. It has pleasant sounding treble, however it is bass deficient. If I boost the bass on my player by around 8 db, it is good enough for casual listening while I am active. It is sweat and water resistant. It has adjustable ear hooks so it stays on my ears. It is open, so I can hear my surroundings. it is under 410, however it sounds remarkable good(with the player bass boosted around 8 db or so) considering its low price. I use it with...
Be careful if you plan to use something that isolates. If you are running near or through traffic, then you should use something open and keep the volume low, so that you can hear what is going on around you. 
Which "earbuds" did you try? Some IEMs (in the ear isolating earphones) isolate better than an headphone can. The Etymotics for example are known for great isolation. 
Why the JVC HARX700? Why not the JVC HAS680?
"Yes I suppose that line of thinking does have to eventually factor in how much money you make, but I don't think the ZX1 and similar are so expensive that they are in "only for millionares" territory or anything like that. '   First of all, the term "millionaire" is overused. Besides which, I define "millionaire" as someone who has over $1 million a year in after tax income. I do not fall into this category. The best mp3 players don't seem to be that much better than...
I disagree. Driver size makes a big difference as far as the soundstage, and the ability to handle deep bass. I have had many headphones over the past 25 years, and have noticed a great difference between those with 50mm drivers and those with 40mm drivers. That isn't to say that all 50mm driver headphones are better than all 40mm ones, however everything else being equal, the larger driver headphones(and IEMs) do produce better sound especially when it comes to deep bass...
I just looked up the ZX600. Only 40mm drivers vs 50mm on the ZX700. Totally different design as well.  The ZX700 got good reviews though, and I was thinking about buying it.
Wow! "Just for the record, Brazil's minimum wage is around US$293" Is that per week? I hope that isn't per month.
Many consider portable to mean that both the player and the earphones fit in a shirt pocket.
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