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Where do you plan to use the headphone? Walking around with a large headphone doesn't make sense to me. Active noise cancellation messes up the sound, so passive isolation is recommended. Closed headphones that isolate well are uncomfortable due to overheating ears and/or high clamping force. That is why IEMs(in the ear canal isolating earphones) are so popular.   One should only use an isolating earphone or isolating headphone when it is safe to do...
I would use less expensive stuff while active, especially while working out. The HF3 is known to be one of the best isolating IEMs, although there are other IEMs that isolate quite well, for example the Sony XBA-1. Instead of using an expensive phone at a gym, I would use a low priced Sandisk mp3 player. It is so easy to break or damage a player or phone used while exercising.    I always like to remind people that isolating headphones or isolating earphones should only...
The HD419 will be more comfortable due to the velour earpads, however that will also reduce the isolation. I haven't heard it. I can't wear closed headphones which isolate well due to my ears overheating. Has she tried isolating heaphones before? Did her ears earheat? IEMs take time to get used to. Initially I didn't like them, however I got used to them. I can't even wear a closed headphone with good isolation for 10 minutes before my ears get uncomfortably hot.
I haven't tried the Sennheiser sports earphones. They seem like they might be good, however they are expensive for what they are. I have other Sennheiser earphones and IEMs, some of which are quite good. Some have commented that the sports earphones with an extra pivot might not stay in place, so the best idea is to get something with ear hooks. To run on a track where having isolation is not a safety problem,  I would probably use this rather than something by Sennheiser,...
It makes me feel like money is wasted. If you look at my desk, you will see many included earphones and headphones that I have accumulated over the years that go unused.
I am very concerned about safety, which is why when I am walking around outside, and will be walking through traffic intersections, I use open earphones with ear hooks, and keep the volume low. While this is quite inexpensive and stays in place, it is light on bass, so I boost the bass on my player by around 8 db, which makes this okay for casual listening.    http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=JVC+HA-EB75   Others use the Koss...
How about using IEMs(in the ear canal isolating earphones)? Closed headphones that isolate well tend to make ears uncomfortably hot, especially with extended use. Other complain about discomfort due to clamping force.
Have you checked Ebay?
If you Google ATH-T200 review, you will find a few sites with reviews.
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