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Do you want a headphone that isolates, or one that is open? The HD518 is a very good open headphone. It won't block any ambient noise though.
The comfort of a specific triple flanged tip will depend on how it specifically fits you when connected to the IEMs you plan to use. What is very comfortable to someone else might be very uncomfortable to you. 
A good IEM that fits well and has a good seal will give you much more bass than open earbuds. Most open earbuds are very bass deficient, however the Sennheiser MX580 for example gives much more bass than most open earbuds.
Basic sound quality between decent players doesn't vary much. what does vary much more is battery life, and power output. If you are using hard to drive headphones, then you will probably want to use a player with high output or else also use an external amp. The Fiio X1 for example is capable of high power output, but only has around 10 or 11 hours of battery life. The Cowon iAiudio 9 doesn't have a card slot. The Cowon M2 is listed as having 90 hours of battery life. It...
If you are very much into on the fly playlists and having customizability, then look at a player that can be Rockboxed, such as the Clip+ or Clip Zip.
The X1 has gotten good reviews, although the battery life is only around 10 or 11 hours. The Cowon M2 has battery life listed as 90 hours. The X1 has no built in storage, just a micro SD card slot.
Why is the Soundmagic ES20 in black so hard to find in the US? Is it discontinued? If so, I hope there are plans for a new Soundmagic 16 ohm IEM with 13.5mm (or larger) drivers.
My ears overheat quickly using closed circumaural headphones while I am sitting still. I can't even imagine exercising while wearing any of those.
It isn't the bitrate of the final product that really matters(as long as it is 320kbps mp3 or better, although some would argue 256kbps is good enough)  but the quality of the original recording that matters. What we are talking about here though is what bitrate the music one is playing is, and not the quality or lack of it in the initial recording.
If someone can't hear the difference, then it doesn't matter.
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