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I have been using Sandisk Clips for over 5 years. I had only one break, and the only thing that broke was the clip.
All portable audio players have the potential to develop headphone jack problems if you plug a long straight plug directly into the player, as this exerts great force on the headphone jack(fulcrum effect) when  the plug is pressed against. The way to prevent this is to only plug right angle plugs into the player. If your headphone has a long straight plug, then get a short headphone extension cable with a right angle plug, and plug that into the player.
If your headphone works fine, don't risk ruining it.
Sandisk gave up on proprietary connectors after the Fuze. If you really want a real line out, then get an ipod.
The ES18 is far superior to the HJE120. Imo the HJE120 isn't that good. The HJE355 and HJE450 are quite good though. The HJE355 has more detail, while the HJE450 has stronger bass.
Not all mp3 players have a built in equalizer. I don't experience that with my ES18, although I burned it in many hours before starting to listen to it.
It does work with audible DRM though. Strange.   I think some said they had issues using some DRM files on card memory on the Clip+ and Clip Zip, but that it played fine from main memory.   I tried using my Clip+ in MTP mode and had issues with music(not even protected) on card memory. The same player worked perfectly with the same music on card memory transferred in MSC mode.   MTP mode(needed for protected WMA files) seems to cause many issues. I guess that is why...
Sparkling highs? Does you player have an equalizer so you can adjust the sound?
I'm surprised no one suggested that he save plenty of money and get a $30 Sandisk Clip Zip and Rockbox it. The Clip Zip has a microSDHC card slot and great sound quality. It is tiny and has a built in clip.
You can buy the XBA-1 for $25 from B&H in NYC, however shipping to India will be expensive, so it probably isn't worth getting unless you buy a few at a time.
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