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Happiness is derived from focusing on and appreciating what you have. The popular media tries to get you to focus on what you don't have, which causes discontent and depression.
I hope the M1 will have a more ergonomic button layout than the M3 has. For many of us, it is important to be able to find the play/pause button and press it without having to remove the player from a pocket. Will Fiio players have variable speed playback with pitch correction? This is important for those who listen to many podcasts, and like to listen at 1.3 or 1.4x the normal speed.
I also have the Sony SRF-S83 which is very similar to the SRF-S84. It sounds slightly better than the SRF-59, but is much smaller. Some might be tempted to get an mp3 player like the Sandisk Clip Sport to use for FM radio, however playing the radio it gets under 13 hours of battery life. There is also the digital Sony SRF-M37 which gets around 34 hours on one AAA battery and costs around $30.
Or perhaps Fiio is much better than Sandisk is at writing firmware. I guess we probably won't see Rockbox for the M3?  The best thing about the earlier Sandisk players is that they were Rockboxable.  Are any Fiio players Rockboxable? If not, is Rockbox for any of them in development?
I used to buy the Sony SRF-59 which gets 100 hours of battery life on FM(110 hours on AM) using one AA battery. It has great FM stereo sound when hooked up to good headphones. I bought many of these to give as gifts over the past several years. It used to sell for $15. Now it is discontinued, and only available for high prices on Ebay. Is there anything similar available at low prices? The Sony SRF-S84 gets 44 hours of battery life on one AAA battery, and is $35+. I want...
We don't know what you have available, and at what prices. 
I disagree. I compared the measurements of the M3 to those of the Sandisk Clip Sport I have. The M3 is very close to the same width, and just slightly taller. The M3 is thinner. The M3 is imo small enough to be used as a clip on player when placed in a case with a clip on the back. The M3 will be a great step up from the Clip Sport though, as the Clip Sport has separate databases for internal and for card memory, and the Clip Sport is limited to just 4,000 songs for the...
White???? Why white? Why not black, or black plus a choice of other colors? I hope thec M1(clip on model) will be available in black, and have 25+(40+ would be much better) hours of battery life. If it does, and has a card slot, it will probably be much more popular than the Sandisk Clip Sport. I have been a Sandisk player fan, however I look forward to becoming a fan of Fiio players, as Sandisk's most recent players are somewhat disappointing.
There will be plenty of interest when it is available and there are reviews of it on the net. 
Just write on the package no earphone included. Many products that use AA batteries have batteries not included written on the package.  When you buy a pair of shoes, does it come with low quality sox in the package? Does writing paper come with a low quality pen in the package? Does canned food come with a basic can opener? What percentage of people buying an mp3 player don't own a portable headphone or earphones? This is 2015, not the 1980s. In the 1980s many were buying...
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