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bump for price drop
Price drop.   Extremely rare! modified Sony SRF-S84 AM/FM portable radio.  Mint condition. Works great. Sounds fantastic. Best sounding pocket radio I have heard. Comes with original un-used headphones, all original paperwork and original packaging. This is not your run-of-the-mill Sony S84. This unit has undergone an extreme modification carried out by Xin Feng of Fixup. Most of the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced by larger value and higher quality...
Nice work!  So are you still liking this amp or have you found something better?
Would love to see a pic when you are able!
When building interconnects a common construction technique is to attach both the shield and neutral leg on one side while leaving the shield unconnected at the other end.  From what I understand, you are supposed to do this on the "source" side of the cable but I have always been a little unsure as to what constitutes the source side.  If you have an interconnect going from a preamp to amp, would the source side be the preamp? 
Mint condition.  2 1/2 feet long.  I used this cable when I wanted to listen to music when I went for my daily walk.  I didn't want a cable flapping all over the place hence the short length.  This is a really good sounding cable.  It sounded great with my Sennheiser HD25s.   Check user ID skaelin on eBay to check my feedback. Also check user ID skaelin on Audiogon.
Mint condition.  9 feet, 4  inches.  Works great. High quality Neutrik plug.  See pics!   For HD580/600/650   Check user ID skaelin on eBay to check my feedback. Also check user ID skaelin on Audiogon.
OK, so I think you are referencing the small rectangular metal tab (pin 4?) extending from the inside of the connector, right?   If that's correct, then I should connect both ends of the shield to this small metal tab on each end of the cable, right?
So are you saying that I should not connect the shield at pin 1 on both ends?
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